..it seems like i dunno how to write anymore...goodness...how could this happen to me...hehe..but of course, i'm just kidding and i'm scaring myself..how could i..it's just that i dunno what i'm gonna do with the tons of requirements given to us by our professors, expecting that we're responsible fourth year students...responsible isn't our adjective..you can all tell that to the marines..hehe...



...hey..i'm with kelly, my korean tutee.our topic for today is behavior in a restaurant


just sick and tired

...i just don't want to be compared to anybody.


..i don't mean to imply that i look like tifa lockhart though i want to..i guess i'm not that desperate..yet..hehe

nasagasaan part 1

..for those who were worried about me im perfectly fine except for my right leg which is hurting a bit every now and then..i'm still not normal as i was before the accident..you don't have to worry.once i get normal then that's the time you have to call the med..haha..but thanks anyway.it's nice to feel you cared..hehe.thanks...

English majorship: sweet torture

..i just heard a friend say that.well, i dunno..i don't even have the time to think about it..in fact, typing something in this blog feels like a sin now since i should be doing two lesson plans..to be passed tomorrow.yeah..i should be doing that right now...grrr...why is discipline such a torture..hehe