the EXIT cap

since i was not in the mood to wear hoodies (my excuse for not having a clean one today), I asked my brother if he could lend me his EXIT cap which had caught my attention when he had returned from his hiatus in Tarlac. i think it's eye-catching...don't you think so? (hekhek)


2311 tips for writing- Holly Black

Hello…I received this peptalk weeks ago…I have just had the time to repost this. Credits to Holly Black.

1) No one can tell if the writing was fun or if it was hard. Trust me. I know it seems like writing that pours out of your brain in a passionate flood should be better than writing that comes slowly and miserably, but the only person who will ever know the difference is you. So no excuses—get the word count done. (I prefer saying “GET IT DONE”)

2) You don't have to believe you can; you just have to do it. I remember everyone telling me I had to think positive when I was writing my first book. If I believed I could do it, then I could! If I pictured myself published, then it was going to happen! Which sounded great, except...could I do it? If I didn't think I could, was I doomed to fail? What if I was almost totally sure I would fail? I am here to tell you—what matters is sticking with it… just get through today. Then get through tomorrow. Don't worry about the day after that, until it's today. Then you know what to do. (I used to always wish to see my name running along the spines of books in the library. This made me realize that if I would focus on that, I wouldn’t be able to write a book)

3) There aren't good books and bad books. There are finished books and books that still need more work. Please don't let wondering if there's a market for your book or wondering if the book you're writing is genius or evidence that you should be heavily medicated get in the way of the writing. Remember, right now you are not writing a good book, you are writing a good draft. Later, you will have lots of time to kill your darlings, make the suspense more suspenseful, to add foreshadowing and subplots. Later you will have time to change the beginning or change the ending or change the middle. Later, you will have time to cut and polish and engooden. For now, trust the process and write (that said, if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and realize what's wrong with Chapter 7, then by all means, jot that down for later). (this goes to those people, like me, who don’t like editing their works…hehe…)

4) Figure out what happens next. Some people swear by outlines; other writers are like to find the story along the way. Whether you're a plotter or a pantser, before you quit for the day, write a little bit of the next scene or a couple of lines on what you think will happen next. That way, you are never looking at a blank page. (“carry a notebook and pen wherever you go” may seem as cliché but remembering how J.K. Rowling drafted Harry Potter inspires me to write in any piece of paper I can put ink on.)

5) Write for your reader self, not your writer self. You are the best audience for your own work. If you would absolutely love a character like the one you are writing about, if you adore books like the one you are working on, then you are going to know how to make the book appealing—write it like you were the person who was going to read it. Remember the fun bits, the juicy bits, the stuff you linger over in other books—the good stuff. (self-explanatory…hehe…I like the italicized part so much)

6) Talk it through. When you get stuck, sometimes it helps to talk through the book out loud—even if only your cat is listening. Sometimes hearing the plot is enough to engage a different part of your brain in solving the problem. (I know some people who talk to themselves while walking to and fro)

7) Give yourself regular rewards. A fresh cup of coffee (even if it is your 353rd) when you get to the end of a scene, an episode of your favorite show, a snack, a couple of minutes rearranging your My Book is Awesome mix—if you give yourself regular motivational rewards, you will have small goals to work toward. (I go to the movies alone to reward myself and get more ideas from the films)

Over the course of this November, you are going to feel frustrated, despairing, elated and exhausted. You will walk around in a foggy haze at your job or the bank or the supermarket. People will talk to you for twenty minutes and you won't have heard a word they said because you just thought of a fantastic new subplot. You will look up things on the internet that make you look like a serial killer. But it's good practice—just think, once you become a professional writer, that's how you'll behave all the time! 

Holly Black
Holly Black is the New York Times bestselling author of The Spiderwick Chronicles. 

*I cut some parts, thinking that her tips are applicable for all writers out there and not only those who are sweating their heads off this November (to the NaNoWriMo participants, Kudos!). The bold parts are minehehe. To be honest, I havent read any of her work yet(I have seen the film though) but I find her tips really informative and refreshing.



Im back from the grave. Ive been so engrossed in reading mangas and watching animes lately (finished Rekka no Hounou manga last Sunday. My heart broke. Finished Shaman King animation this Monday, my heart broke again waham reading Nodame Cantabile which I have first seen as Japanese Drama. Good Lord, when am I going to finish reading the novels I have lined up for this month?).

In addition to that, Ive been so busy updating my fiction that I dont really have time to post things in my blog aside from hurried rants).

To make up for my absence, Ill share something significant to you guys.

I registered in NaNoWriMo last month to motivate myself to continue working on a novel that has been in my head since when I was in high school. However, I think I wasnt motivated enough. For the record, I havent submitted anything to the word counter. The digits in my account are still rigid six zeroes.

I wont say that the registration did not help me in my writing adventures. I have been so busy entertaining myself with childish things (remembering a part of a quote that runs along this line: The time that we start growing old is the time we stop playing). I receive help from time to time (since registering in NaNoWriMo means getting newsletters called Pep Talk). Some renowned writers give pointers on how participants can get through the 50,000-word requirement. Most of the tips are the usual ones, but, according to Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles), theres nothing wrong in being reminded.

Ill be posting the gist of some of the tips that I am receiving. I have to make it clear, however, that Im merely posting them to share what I find substantial (Im a teacher by license after all) and not to gain credit from the authors thoughts.

I guess, with all that said, Ill be able to get back in track in blogging. Hehe.



My yeobo gave these yummy marshmallows that melt in the mouth immediatelythey really taste like mangoes.hahe

*sponsor: Maiden de Mesa


0911 my top ear candies

*wahI woke up early to retain my record of days not late for work only to turn in our office 45 minutes late. How bad can it getI usually love rainand heaven gave me much time admiring it in its glorystuck in 2-hour traffic creep.

1.       alanis morisette- ironicthis song really summarizes everything for me
2.       train- calling all angelsI should have called them earlier
3.       shinee- hellohow I wished someone had said a hello to me in the ride
4.       goo goo dolls-nameI even almost forgot my name back there
5.       the script- end where I beginwahI wish my favorite day would end
6.       faber drive- second chanceI blew my chances already
7.       lifehouse- stormright, lifehouse, thank you
8.       nickleback- savin mehow I wish
9.       remy zerosave mereally nowthis one of the few moments that I think the world needs a superhero
10.   coldplayfix youafter all is said and done, yup, I think I need fixing


you are unique just like any one else. that doesn't make you unique at all.

that's the problem

…so much for confessing uniqueness

my october good reads

Nothing beats a book you can count on in any weather, a music player with a bearable memory, and a cup of coffee. Come to think of it. I havent listed the books I have finished reading and rereading last October. Well, here are a few reads I have finished.

1.       Harry Potter the entire series. Wow man! I so love J.K. Rowling. Havent stopped reading it since I first had a copy of the book. Now that I have the ebook version, theres no way, I am ever going to stop rereading.
2.       Septimus Heap: Magyk- I saw copies of the Heap series in bookstores and a lot of people raved about it being a substitute to Harry Potter. But nah, the original green-eyed wizard is still the best.

Here are some I have started but not finished:
1.       Inkheart- the introduction was good but I felt being dragged at the middle of the story. Im still thinking of finishing it though.
2.       Pendragon- have started reading an interesting first chapter but I was engrossed in Harry Potter I wasnt able to continue reading it.
3.       The Andromeda Strain- after immersing myself in the magical world, I thought I needed something to pull me back to reality at least a more realistic plot would do. But I was intimidated by the medical termsIll get back to this when Im already in the Crichton mode.
4.       Lupin- while reading it I thought I should have Sherlock Holmes nearby so unless I get my hardbound copy of Sherlock Holmes back, I am not going to touch Lupin for a while.
5.       Twenty Years After- Alexandre Dumas, had he still been living, would kill me for putting this book down in exchange of Harry PotterhahaBut I plan to finish the book. After twenty yearshehe
6.       A Christmas Carol- heaven knows how I want to finish this book before Christmas.

I dont have plans of what books Im going to read this month but most probably Ill get back to the books I have started to read. And add a book or two to new books Im going to start devouring.


nameless notebook

What is good in having friends is they give you things you don't really expect. what's good in having good friends is they give COOL things that you like but don't expect.

maria cecilia villafuerte gave this to me this yesterday... cool right.


hooded creatures

I’ve liked hoodies (hooded shirts and jackets) for as long as I can remember. I am not sure how it started but I have a good guess that it is from watching American movies and Japanese cartoons where there are cool and relaxed and somehow active people who wear hooded jackets and T’s and sleep on roof tops or in the library. There are also those mysterious hooded characters that suddenly jump in needed situations. But of course, you can count the hooded figures in Harry Potter…the ones with scabbed hands…

It was quite difficult to achieve such aura since the Philippines weather is one of the hindrances. I have just made an excuse of the country’s crazy weather for sporting the style. Since I have acquired a number of hoodies as I age, I think I’m getting nearer to that aura. I know inevitably, my real color (which I am afraid is still under process) will show from time to time no matter how I try to look differently.