hooded creatures

I’ve liked hoodies (hooded shirts and jackets) for as long as I can remember. I am not sure how it started but I have a good guess that it is from watching American movies and Japanese cartoons where there are cool and relaxed and somehow active people who wear hooded jackets and T’s and sleep on roof tops or in the library. There are also those mysterious hooded characters that suddenly jump in needed situations. But of course, you can count the hooded figures in Harry Potter…the ones with scabbed hands…

It was quite difficult to achieve such aura since the Philippines weather is one of the hindrances. I have just made an excuse of the country’s crazy weather for sporting the style. Since I have acquired a number of hoodies as I age, I think I’m getting nearer to that aura. I know inevitably, my real color (which I am afraid is still under process) will show from time to time no matter how I try to look differently.

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