my october good reads

Nothing beats a book you can count on in any weather, a music player with a bearable memory, and a cup of coffee. Come to think of it. I havent listed the books I have finished reading and rereading last October. Well, here are a few reads I have finished.

1.       Harry Potter the entire series. Wow man! I so love J.K. Rowling. Havent stopped reading it since I first had a copy of the book. Now that I have the ebook version, theres no way, I am ever going to stop rereading.
2.       Septimus Heap: Magyk- I saw copies of the Heap series in bookstores and a lot of people raved about it being a substitute to Harry Potter. But nah, the original green-eyed wizard is still the best.

Here are some I have started but not finished:
1.       Inkheart- the introduction was good but I felt being dragged at the middle of the story. Im still thinking of finishing it though.
2.       Pendragon- have started reading an interesting first chapter but I was engrossed in Harry Potter I wasnt able to continue reading it.
3.       The Andromeda Strain- after immersing myself in the magical world, I thought I needed something to pull me back to reality at least a more realistic plot would do. But I was intimidated by the medical termsIll get back to this when Im already in the Crichton mode.
4.       Lupin- while reading it I thought I should have Sherlock Holmes nearby so unless I get my hardbound copy of Sherlock Holmes back, I am not going to touch Lupin for a while.
5.       Twenty Years After- Alexandre Dumas, had he still been living, would kill me for putting this book down in exchange of Harry PotterhahaBut I plan to finish the book. After twenty yearshehe
6.       A Christmas Carol- heaven knows how I want to finish this book before Christmas.

I dont have plans of what books Im going to read this month but most probably Ill get back to the books I have started to read. And add a book or two to new books Im going to start devouring.

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