..i'm still waiting for chang kai shek's call..somehow through miracle, i've succeeded in my demo..i'm waiting for the results of our psychological exam(yup psycho exam--much to my disgust)..but anyway, while waiting, i've been doing a lot of fun being a korean tutor, and all that, in network english world tutors.
..yes, i enjoy doing what i am doing right now even if the salary is not what i want to have.it's the satisfaction of applying what i have learned in my four-year
stay in the Philippine Normal University..i'm not trying to be martyr here..i happened to have learned from my family that money is not worth if your heart's not into what you are doing..
..i'm not
the 'teacher' type., i admit..but it's just the pride in me that won't let go and let me apply to call centers and be what mr. mendiola says as "glorified telephone operator". yup..the pride..the pride that i know that i have a degree that can be proud of and not insulted by some faceless caller.
..aside from that hindi pa ako desperada sa pera..my heart is not yet ready to swallow the pride that i have gained just to have money.what will i do with money anyway.to achieve a peaceful and stable life..what an answer...i'm having it right now.there's no reason for me to pressure myself to have a high-paying job that is also tantamount to being underemployed(review economics to confirm). and my family is there to support me all the way...
so even though i'm
just here in the office..a grammar-editor, a human resourcebook, an instant seminar speaker, a material designer, a pronunciation model, i'm happy..
it's more than money can
give, hypocrisy aside..

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