growing roots and branches

[오후 9: 18:00] ME: harharum- imitating Treebeard 
[오후 9: 18:07] ME: i feel like being an ent tonight 
[오후 9: 18:12] ME: i want to be uprooted 
[오후 9: 20:22] 구준표: you want to be uprooted? 
[오후 9: 20:42] ME: uprooted from my station..i'm starting to grow branches and leaves here 
[오후 9: 21:08] ME: i have all the things a plant needs to grow 
[오후 9: 21:24] ME: i have the sun (the blessed fluorescent lamp) 
[오후 9: 21:52] ME: i have the water (sometimes coffee-minerals i get from the ground) 
[오후 9: 22:13] ME: i have the soil (i'm surrounded by dust0 
[오후 9: 23:16] ME: and i have some fertilizers ( strands of hair, pieces of paper-biodegradable things) 
[오후 9: 23:32] ME: if you're looking for my pot, i'm sitting on it. 
[오후 9: 23:45] ME: i'm just waiting for photosynthesis 
[오후 9: 25:49] 구준표: ents have ent-wives don't they? 
[오후 9: 26:05] 구준표: where is yout ent-wife? 
[오후 9: 23:32] ME:my harabuji is looking for her

* so here's what happens when we try to fuse lord of the rings and boys over flowers


Anonymous said...

maam..sometimes.. your so weird!! .. haha :D

Anonymous said...

maaam..sometimes your so weird. :D