seeing slamdunk and falling out of love

Back when I was in high school, I used to get addicted to the anime Slam Dunk. I used the internet to search for “facts” about the anime. I found much later that I was hooked to the fanfictions written about Sam Dunk as well. To think, I even followed sites for forum to check whether Rukawa is gay or not.

I remember one time, my seatmate/neighbor/music video partner/chatmate/comrade Ryia and I cut classes to watch Slam Dunk in her house. The episode was about Megane-kun/kogure. We also made “scrapbooks” and traded cards and stickers.

In my case, the manic disease got worse. For several times, I attempted to create a fanfiction featuring Akira Sendoh. Such futile attempts—up until now, I still plan to continue with it but I lost the creative juices and the time long ago. I only ended up having a character sketch. I even decided to trash the whole idea. I only have the plot with me now.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Slam Dunk anymore. I still watch its Tagalized version in GMA7 even though we already have the dvd version of it. Hihi. I still have akira sendoh as my standard of a good guy. I don’t know where that actually came from. From time to time I think of the would-be fanfiction for it.

Probably the addiction gradually wears off once maturity sets in. Since I’m an immature person, a part of me still clings to the anime world and the other half is already in what Holden calls a phony world. Phony but more realistic.


being organized for the sake of lappy

.since lappy is here, i can't find any reason for me not to organize my files. from pictures, to vids, to literature. so, i'm proud to annonce that i made a new blogspot acct to store my essays, poems, and stories.

for those who are checking my blog (i know a few who do--pity them..hehe peace) for literary pieces if you find them literary enough for your taste, just go to www.walaakongkwenta.wordpress.com or walaakongkwenta.deviantart.com, or yet www.inkspillsandblots.blogspot.com

For those who are used to my usual rants, don't you worry--or should i say, worry..hehe-- i will still be using this as a sort of breather (feeling sikat lang kumbaga hehe)



along the hallway

to forgive and forget is not as easy as they say.

when you would meet the person whom you used to love, quote-unquote, who did not care for you, who betrayed your trust, you would still feel the pain. You would still try to blot his exsitence by not looking at him and walking on. you would still not meet his eyes. and who cares if he would or not try to capture your attention. you would just move away. then you would pray that you had not seen him. and he had not seen you.

you would pretend you were not affected. you would laugh, smile, chat. You would be merry. But you knew you weren't. because you were thinking of him. all day. and you were torn.

because all along you thought you had forgiven and forgotten. but you haven't moved on.


another escapade accomplished by the pardners...hekhek


terrific trio--one of those uncelebrated anniversaries

8 November 2005-- we were formed because of an aim to serve the PNU community through an honest election. We weren't united because of the thick bond called friendship, but a strong purpose to serve. But we ended up fulfilling our duties to the students and to one another and we, Grace Ann S. Estores, Katherine E. Vera, and I, became friends.

We started our journey together when we promised to hold on and keep the spirit of the once-dying-PNU-COMELEC. In that dark room, bereft of electricity, left by the "trusted" Chairman, we made vows of building the organization, returning it to its stature. With those vows, we committed ourselves to a relationship that neither distance nor ideologies could break but challenge.

It took us series of tribulations to measure the strength of our friendship. After four years, I am glad to find that we still have each other to cry upon, to share. Distance and ideologies are still our best antagonists but they don't keep us apart that much.

Of course it is natural that since we aren't in the same school and organization now, we live separate lives. We have our secrets we dare not reveal each other but that is a part of friendship--honoring each other. We respect and trust one another so much that we need not know every thing. We value our bond more than we value our individual differences.

A year passed with its silent celebration. Another year will turn. Another year will witness how far our friendship can go. Nobody can say whether we will drift closer or apart. But we can always choose. As for me, as long as I have the chance, I will make our friendship better.