Plain and Simple

I'm fond of makeup. I think I am already at the point of my life when I see the necessity of putting makeup on particularly when I go to work and go out with my boyfriend. There are times however that I find it difficult to decide whether I should or not. One instance is going to Philippine Normal University for my Masters. Should I try to look more mature or should I just look simple? Another is hanging out with my friends. Should I start impressing them or should I just look like the way I normally do?

with the slightest hint of makeup on

I am only thankful that I look great even without makeup...but a little enhancement does great things, you know...


15th months and going

There is no such thing as a Perfect Boyfriend, nor Perfect Girlfriend, only a Perfectly Harmonious Relationship (or almost hehe). Happy 15th month, Russell Q. Adriano.
we're such a dork

project qn project

let's go for another year, and another and another and....