EpFour: Hungry for Hunger Games?

Monday, March 26, 2012
8:04 PM

Last Saturday, in celebration of completing my requirements for the semester, I went out with my EpFour friends to see the famous Hunger Games. It was Maria's idea as she loves the novel. Also it had been awhile since we saw a movie in the cinemas. As with the other girls, it took us three months before we finally hung out. Hunger Games was the best reason to meet.

It was raining cats and dogs then. In fact, I was drenched from my knees down as if the umbrella did not help me much. My new bag was even wet (which reminds me that I haven't written anything about the bag that Russell gave me).  Naturally, the rain did not purposely bathe me alone so everyone was affected. There was heavy traffic and everybody's mood was foul.

It was great that we did not let it stop us from getting together.

We tried booking seats in Trinoma's cinemas but since Hunger Games had just been shown for two days, a lot of people were still into it. Not to mention it was a Saturday and the start of the vacation for many. It was not at all surprising that it was fully booked. We transferred to SM North Edsa and finally got tickets in Cinema 3 of The Block.

While waiting for Russ and Gerard to come, we ate in Flavors of China. We got to know Dennis and his touch-screen Blackberry. We talked about Sheldon and Leonard and the BIGBANG (not the Korean one).

Few minutes to the scheduled filming, we rushed to Cinema 3 and got our seats without Russ and Gerard. It was a good thing there was initial reservation so we did not have any problem for the late-comers' seats. It did not take them long to come anyway so it was okay.

Since I did not have any clue as to what the story was about I found the movie quite good as opposed to what Maria thought about it. All of us found Lenny Kravitz and the colorful lady interesting. We all laughed at the expression " That's mahogany!" Like me, Jaina found the movie quite nice. Mae vowed to watch Battle Royal--a movie Maria had been endorsing to us even before the Hunger Games fandom. Maria, well, she would just wait for the next installment if it would get any better according to her standards. On the other hand, the boys did not make an effort in expressing their dissatisfaction. Russ said it was good for DVDs but not really for cinemas. We really had different reactions as regards the film.

What we thought of the movie was nothing compared to the experience we had. It was the first time EpFour saw a movie together, the first time I actually brought my boyfriend with me in a cinema with my girlfriends. It was overwhelming.


To Cordozar, hey dude. Next time it is going to be pro bono.

To Dennis, nice meeting you.

To Russell, we'll be having more movie watching to do, Pa.

To the EpFour, let us toast for another activity we have accomplished together.

"May the odds be ever in your favor."


Top Ear Candies: March 2012

I have stopped posting my Top Ten Ear Candies because somebody has been copying it, format and all. However, I have been re-inspired by the songs that I listen to in the radio nowadays so I guess it is time to bring it back.
10. In Your Arms- Kina Grannis- I love the jelly beans, and the rain. So I like this song… is that enough?
9. Push-Avril Lavine- I used to like her so much but I reckon this song does not suit her. I don’t mean to say it is bad because if it were, it would not have made it to my list. All I want to say is she has better songs and this is not one of them.
8. Give Your Heart a Break-Demi Lovato – I am not a fan of her. I actually did not know that she was the same person who sang “This is MEEEEEE” in Camp Rock. The voice is different. Anyway, what I like in this song is its play of words on the word ‘break.’ It is quite intellectual and creative. Nevertheless, the song is about a girl who tries to prove herself to the guy…wait. Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?
7. Airplanes- B.O.B. – What I like about this song is the chorus part. Creative use of the language. It is about time that composers learn how to write poetries.
6. You Can Count on Me- Default – still in my playlist despite it not being current. It says a lot.
5. Somewhere in the Middle- Dishwalla - There is something about this song that makes me think that people do think clearer when they drink.
4. Stronger- Kelly Clarkson - This reminds of the other hey-I-am-not-the-loser-you-thought-I-was songs I have listened to way back 90s including Cher’s Strong Enough, Britney’s Stronger and Avril’s My Happy Ending. Kelly can give them a run for their money with her trio Behind These Hazel Eyes, Stronger, and Since You’ve Been Gone.
3. The One That Got Away- Katy Perry - I am starting to think that 2012 is for artists who can really compose and sing. This song has a nice groove to it, thanks to Katy’s voice and the lyrics is not something you will see in your daily newspaper. Great.
2. Drive by- Train - Train has always been in my playlist ever since their Drops of Jupiter days. It is no wonder this song is in my top ten. It is about time.
1. Not Over You- Gavin Degraw- I recommended this song to Syme yesterday and he has started loving it. At last we have songs about heartaches and heartbreaks that are not too angsty and bitter.
As you may have noticed, I do not have any Kpop song in my list anymore. I have stopped listening to new Kpop songs since GD of Bigbang admitted using drugs. I thought it is time to go back listening to music that I understand. I started listening to the radio once more for two purposes. One is to be updated. I have approximately 700 songs in my playlist but they are not the currently famous ones. More of, they are my favorite songs of all time. The second reason is to develop my listening and speaking skills. There are good disc jocks in the radio station I listen to every morning so I am quite inspired.

Given that I am a moody blogger, not to mention a very busy human being, I am not sure if  can post my ear candies daily and I guess that would be pretty boring. A weekly list tend to be repetitive. What I can promise is a monthly update of my Top Ear Candies.

What say you?



no make-up on

there goes the eyeliner

blusher and lipstain





It's the last week of the semester and it is natural for students to feel the excitement for summer vacation and anxiety for their last requirements. Teachers, particularly those who are through with their lectures and two-thirds of the grades, on the otherhand are more relaxed.

That is the reason I kept telling myself as I am guilty of sleeping in the faculty room for hours.

I do not know what got me but I was really sleepy. I could hardly open my eyes to talk with my coteachers. I did not pay attention to what was happening around me. All I wanted was to sleep and sleep I did.

I had a tete-a-tete with Mr. Slumber for two hours. I woke just in time to prepare for my next class. I knew I slept in the middle of recording quizzes. I had nothing to worry about because my other classes were working their butts off in rehearsing for the final presentations. When I woke up, I only had to prepare coffee for myself and wait for my next class.

I don't think the power nap did anything good to me. Instead of refreshing me, it made me all the more sleepy. It made me miss the house, the comfortable bed, the pillows, the blanket...

Zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz  



Russell planned our Sunday date for the first time. We had arguments the night before and other nights before that about small matters and he had decided to seal these complications with one date. He had exchanged schedules just so we could spend this Sunday together. Sweet.

As usual, we met in SM North but unlike the other times, he accompanied me to the shops I had been wanting to visit. He tried not to look like he was being forced to visit a lion's den and instead he looked interested in the things I wanted. We checked stuffed toys shops because he had planned to buy me a Pikachu but I refused since it can wait. We were in a rather tight budget nowadays and I would not be happy having a stuffed toy despite knowing that my boyfriend was stretching his food allowance.

We stayed longer in SM North as we savored green mangoes in Sky Garden. It was the first time that we talked in that area. It was a nice change from the airconditioned shops. While basking in the setting sun and feeling the fresh breeze on our faces, we talked about our argument and how we could make our relationship better.

After that, we jumped to Trinoma to belt our voices out in Timezone. We sang alternative songs and we competed for the top scores. I got two perfect scores and he got one out of 8-9 songs that we sang. Hah! Midway in our singing competition, I got conscious because the number of people waiting to get in the Music Zone increased. He shooed my worries away when he reminded me of how long we had waited for our chance. Without anxiousness left, I continued searching for songs.

We rewarded ourselves with humble food for dinner. We went to Paotsin in Trinoma Foodcourt and ate dumplings. Yum! We reminisced the first dates that we had. He corrected some of the details that I could remember and I corrected his. I told him, my mom likes him a lot and he told me that it was good since it was a part of his well-structured plan: to  woo the people around the girl before he gets the amore of the girl. The night before, he had told my mother through chat how much he loved me…but that’s another story.

Our date would not be complete without our usual coffee. We bought two venti-cups of coffee from Starbucks and we sat near the fountains of Trinoma.

There were so many things to talk about in that tranquil garden-like area. He conveyed his thoughts about my behavior and how it affects us. I told him things that I try to change in me. He shared his plans for his Wasart business and I told him he could expect my support. We also took note of the things we would like to do this summer and he suddenly remembered that we won’t be meeting this week until Sunday. He rejected that idea and he said that he would find a way for us to meet before Sunday, and he found it. We finally managed to get our schedules right so we can see each other on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As he walked me to the van terminal, I thought of why I love him--the fact that he may look indifferent and laid back in our relationship and yet he remains to have a stronger faith. I wondered how long he would puHe seemed to have read my thoughts because he said we would never be apart as long as we both mature in our relationship.

With his goodbye hug and kiss, the only word I can think of is Sweet.


Muchas Grasas

*Muchas Grasas is a play of words on the Spanish expression “muchas grasias” which means “thank you very much.” This pun is a title of the segment of the longest running comedy show in the Philippines Bubble Gang. The said segment is about a family of ‘Taong Grasa’, a term for financially deprived person who does not have any choice but to live on the streets or under bridges. At first, one will think that it is about how the rich dominate the poor but it is the other way around. In the segment, the poor discriminate those who are clean and well-off.

There will always be people who encourage and lift you up. Along with them will be those who try to bring you down.

Labeling somebody or something in front of others without thinking is one of the worst faux pas one can ever commit. It is unsophisticated, unintelligent, and ostentatious. It is also an affirmation of insecurity.

I do not know how low an insecure person can go. In fact, I do not need to know. There cards are quite out in the open, I won't even say they have strategies. Anyway, all they do is cloak themselves with hypocritical righteousness.

All I know is I am doing my job. And if someone badmouths me whether in front of other people, I take it as an artist having an immature anti-fan.

Simon says that I must learn the art of 'deadma' or indifference and I think I really should and I shall begin practicing.


Maria. Shopping and Making Up

Unlike most of my Wednesdays spent in staying at home, doing the laundry, reading books, watching movies and animes, and writing, I went out and had a life like a normal human being enjoying her day off.

Maria and I did our best in patching things up and updating each other last Wednesday, 29th of February. We met in SM Megamall and bought some cosmetics to celebrate being girls. We don't usually buy makeup when we go to the mall so what we did yesterday was really saying something. We often hoard books every time we get the chance to go shopping together or we eat out.

Buying cosmetics has just come into our priority list this year. I need it in my field because I look more like a college student instead of a professor and this, by the way, is not an exaggeration. In her case, she has just come to an age where she feels she needs to put on cosmetics. She has lived a huge part of her life without them so she is just starting to experiment with brushes and palettes. Point is, when is she going to start if not right now?

When Maria is with me, I usually drop hints on what she has to buy or not particularly the shade of eyeshadow and blushers. Maria is more of a 'brand' person when it comes to body care so she then advises me of what brands are good for the skin and what are those that only give women a run for their money.

As for me, I usually buy makeup alone because I am quite indecisive and I don't want to be a burden to a companion. Once, Russ accompanied me but he just stayed in the corner. The feeling that someone important is waiting for me because of my caprice makes me quite guilty and that time I felt that with Russ, I rushed buying the things I had to buy.

The two-hour shopping Maria and I had last Wednesday was hassle-free since we were looking for the same things. It was symbolical in a way because as much as shopping is made easier when  done with someone with the same goal, so is making up with a friend.

As I walked along the busy streets branching from the golden Emerald Building, where Maria works in, to the busy Ortigas, all the tension that was building up in me disappeared all of a sudden.

It was a great Wednesday.


WCC College Week

The WCC Caloocan Administrators decided to give students and teachers a break from the usual rigorous studying and have an activity week. From 20th to 24th of February we had our well appreciated College Week where students from the different colleges in school showcased their talents, creativity, and zeal that they don't usually show in their subject areas.

Each department prepared a variety of activities that professors and students alike did not know where to go first. But of course, where their loyalty laid was in the exhibits of their own department. After an hour or so, they started visiting other booths and programs.

The English Department had a film festival. The movies lined up ranged from action, to inspirational, to horror ones. Every now and then, people passing by the AVR could hear different exclamations of happiness, shock and grief coming from the audience.

Dice and I, after the English Seminar
The same department held a seminar last Thursday. I was one of the two speakers and I talked about the roles of Language Educators in social reconstruction. The second speaker talked about Teaching to Change Lives which surely inspired our future educators.

The Criminology Department prepared an awesome and worth-visiting booth. Working the Students' Lounge to their advantage received two thumbs up if not three. They had an anatomy corner for forensic purposes. They also had a documentation section where they showed the differences between real money bills and certificates, and fraud documents. Nearing the exit were exhibits of illegal drugs (wrapped so carefully so nobody would be tempted to use them), bullets and guns (students in-charge showed us how to assemble a pistol), and a lie-detector machine (unfortunately it wasn't working).

Bullets from the Criminology Batch
Sunako-chan will envy me right now hehe
The Crim students had a one-week program but I was not able to follow it. However, I deem it is safe to conclude that they had a good time. The faculty could hear them singing their lungs off in their videoke area and I wondered how many of these talented students would audition to get in the Music Club.

Business Administration students occupied three classrooms for their exhibits. Each booth featured different products made out of recycled materials. I even saw one coin bank styled like Chuck. Aside from the booths, they also had seminars and sports fest-both I did not see since their venue, the gym, was at the topmost of our building.

The SIHM had a very exciting week as the organization had different activities per day. There were Cupcake Seminar and Tour Guiding. There were Quiz Bees and cooking contests. The highlight of their week long festivity was their Pageant. All I can say is it was grand. There was a pre-pageant where the contestants showcased their talents and skills. Take note: I was one of the judges. On the pageant night, the contestants showed off their stare-worthy appearances. They looked so awesome we could have registered them in real beauty contests.

Tour Guiding Competition
Alluring Ms. A, and Sexy Syme
Dean Melgar of the SIHM Department, introducing the speaker
Last but not the least, the IT students had booths on the ground floor where they featured different computers and software.
It was safe to conclude that the students enjoyed their activities so much. The professors also had a good time since they had one week of rest from teaching. Also, they were entertained by the well prepared activities.

As for myself, I thought it was great. Seriously. When I was in college I kept wondering how such activities had materialized and I was quite guilty of not participating in them. Now that I am a college instructor, even if I was only half-forced due to my responsibility, I had to immerse myself in experiencing college week from a different angle. And I loved it. 


of sore throat and other drugs

I have intended to post an article about our school's college week but it needs more details and revisions so I am going to post this one instead. My rant today is about my anxiety amidst my sore throat period, how happy I have been when I got my voice back and how I am currently abusing it.

I have already written about my sore throat last Saturday and I think it is but fair that I write an update. It is for the sake of journal keeping.

Moving on...

I had a dilemma in the period that I lost my voice: what would I do if I would not get it back? I was seriously disturbed since I love my voice so much. I like to sing my favorite songs, to speak out my mind, to imitate famous and not so famous characters. I teach using my voice. I profess my love to those I care for. How would I do all of these without my voice?

I was in the verge of crying when Russ told me to stop thinking hysterically and focus instead on how I would get better.

I got my voice back last Monday morning, thank God, but I was prohibited to strain it until it has been fully restored. Until now, I feel uncomfortable speaking. My voice doesn't come out smoothly and every now and then I still cough.

Still, it is a liberating feeling being able to talk again. I have started singing in the bathroom once more. One of these days I will be able to start singing with the Nameless Band, yahoo.

However, my sore throat threatens to return. I have had lectures and discussions already which mean my voice box is in full blast once more. My throat has started to itch. My voice sounds rough and raspy for my taste, not the quality it has been known for.

I think I have to be good friends with Strepsils, Vicks Vapor Rub, and Ginger if I want to have a speedy recovery. All for the love of my voice, I will befriend them as soon as I get home so that I will be able to write something else aside from my sore throat.
Photos of the seminar which triggered my sore throat.

Moi, and Gaile

moi and ms noriesta

my seminar yipeee


Symptoms of Changing for Good

How come when one is in a relationship, she does things uncommon for her to do and she even writes things she has promised not to write about? She is filled with this indescribable emotion that she has orginally promised she would put a label on. She is becoming a victim of an affair that she has planned to conquer.

She smiles at his funny text messages. Yet she smiles wider when she receives those sweet nothings that come only once in a blue moon. Her heart throbs loudly and painfully when they are apart but it beats the loudest when they are near one another. She misses him so much when they have not seen each other for several days but she misses him the most a day after they have dated.

Lately she has to decide not only for herself but her partner. The once Selfish Individual has become a Considerate Person.

Can it be that this person has changed?

No. This person cannot have changed so easily. It is just her positive characteristics that glow, outshining the negative ones. It is a cliche to say that her partner brings out the best in her but her actions already prove it.

'Oh it doesn't need a genius to know what these are symptoms of...'

She couldn't be inlove...because she is.

And I know I AM.

'Who can say if I have been changed for the better...but because I knew you...I have been changed for good."
-- a reflection after my date with Russ yesterday in Pizza Hut SM North Annex. 


Triumphant Love Stories

Unlike my past uncelebrated Valentine's Day, this year's has been quite busy for me. I purposely wanted to celebrate the season because it was the first time I would be doing so as a person-in-a-relationship. Besides, there was another reason to celebrate and that was the birth of the Music Club.

Or should I say rebirth?

The organization was established late last semester and the responsibility of moderating the club fell on my shoulders. Unfortunately, I was not able to handle my job pretty well. Last semester's performance was way below our standards. Since I am the kind of person who hates committing the same mistakes, I promised we would come back with a vengeance.

And when I say Vengeance, I mean it.

That was why I worked my head off, and asked the kids to do the same thing just to have an event solely for the Music Club. I reckon we learned and experienced a lot of things from preparing and performing in our first Concert: Love Stories.

In the process, I saw real talents under pressure. Those were the ones who brought instruments during rehearsals despite their bags were already full and heavy of books and academic materials. They also initiated decorating the venue, and inviting their fellow students to watch their performances. On the other hand, I also saw raw people who were not yet ready for a full blown performance. Quite a number of students were dropped from the performance because of their attendance and behavior in the rehearsals.
JL the guitarist

Jen, guitarist


I also received support coming from different people. Russ and his family gave me encouragement. Our nameless Band even provided additional equipment and performed in the concert. Teachers and the Admin Staff invited students to watch. Ms. A and Syme actually supported me from the very beginning.

So how was the concert?

Syme, singing his head off.haha

The Sit-In Band hehe

lovely ladies of the club

the dashing emcee of the program, Syme

As part of the audience, I was quite subjective to say that it was successful. Having the commendations of my co-teachers and students strengthened the belief that it had been great. However, the proofs that had sealed all doubts out of my head were the speeches of our administrators:

"This concert is a proof of the passion of the Music Club. I would like to thank the initiative of  the club for celebrating the season because this is the first time Valentine's was celebrated in WCC."- Ms. Moral
"Next semester, we will have a room for the Music Club members and we will fill that room with equipment."- Mr. Gonzales

How did I feel?

I felt proud of, first, myself for successfully putting up the concert and of course my members who exerted their best. I also felt victorious because I was able to fulfill my promise to give them a better stage. Lastly, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had not felt before.

We were able to make the audience happy and entertained.

We were able to satisfy our administrators.

The greatest achievement of all was the smiles on the members’ faces after their last song number. Those smiles were of triumph.

We were able to redeem ourselves.
jl, wendy, meryll, moi, jen, madel, johnray, christelle, syme, chacha, jane
The Music Club

To God be the Glory.
gerard, russ, moi, rye, chuck