Karma of a Lone Lonely Loner

Last Friday, I did not go to work due to a respiratory problem. A day before that, I already found it difficult to breathe. Whenever I did, I felt a sharp pain traveling down my chest. It was not a good feeling. It was as if somebody was trying to cut my chest vertically from the inside. I could not even swallow food well.

It was as if it was a sin to breathe.

The day after, I did not go to work and decided to give my self a well earned rest.

This week Friday, my Co-Enrollment Advisers are absent. Syme, Ms. A, Sir Bien. If in our lineup last week I was the only one absent, this week , I am the only one present. Sir Bien has to meet his father, Ms A needs to follow up her thesis in her Masters, and Syme...well, I do not know where he is because up until this moment, I am not receiving his messages although I have sent a couple already asking for his whereabouts. I have a feeling that he went with Ms A to help her with her experiment.

I am on my lonesome. I don't have someone to talk with. All I can see are empty stations, the three desktop computers are all staring blankly at me. If that's not enough, the desktop that I am using mocks me of the things that I have to finish...alone.

I reckon this is pay-back time for being absent last Friday.

It somehow strengthens my missing Russ. By the way, he's coming back this evening. Oh God, I can't wait for him to come back safe and sound. What's more is I can't wait to see him for tomorrow's movie watching.

[update: Syme has texted me saying that this is my time to have a heart to heart talk with ______.]

[more updates: I have taken photos of the workplace and myself... I think I will edit the photos first before posting them here.]


On a Jetplane II

It is our 10th month.

It would not have mattered had he stayed in Manila. We don't usually celebrate monthsaries anyway. When we do, we have post or pre monthsary celebration

What made this day different is he is in Cagayan , working. It is the first time we spent our day too far from one another. I cannot go to him when I miss him. He cannot console me with a hug when I have my petty whims.

I know it should not be a big deal.

It is not a big deal because when comes back we will see Avengers with our friends.

The day has gone well. I was not in the airport to send him off but he updated me of his whereabouts through texts. He even called to assure me he would be all right.

As I am typing this entry, he is fixing computers for GMA Network-Cagayan. He is having a good time and I am having my own share of happiness.

Still, this day would have been better.

Happy 10th monthsary, Joe Kerr.


on a jetplane

Last Saturday, Russ got injured in a ball game. It was a tough basketball fight since his team was aiming for straight wins. They did win three times in a row. In the last game, Russ slipped and landed on the wrong side of his foot. It looked like he sacrificed it for  that very important third game.

This Thursday, he is going to fly to Cagayan and I am worried. So worried. He has recuperated, I know, since it has been four days since the accident but I can't help it.

Aside from that...

I do not want him to go.

Yes, it is part of his job. I know it is only for a day. I actually keep telling this to myself.


There are so many things that can happen within a day and as of this moment I can only think of the what-ifs.

Hadn't he injured his foot, I would be worrying less but he did, so I am like this.

The person who is nervous is not the guy who will be having his first airplane ride. It is I who will be waiting for his return.

I am already missing my Chipmunk.



Hey, you guys. I know I have been gone for a very long while and I think by now some of you have lost interest in my blog since I am not updating so often. I owe you an apology so...


Even though it is summer I still do a lot of things in school being an Enrollment Adviser/ Module Writer/ Curriculum Developer and all. I also have the time to write.

What I don't have are two things: first is a good internet connection at home, and secondly, the drive.

I don't have any reason to bring my netbook to school (which by the way is a haven of free wifi connection) since I use a trusty desktop there to write my module with but it doesn't have an access to the internet. I also save my money for more important things than the load of my broadband. Therefore, no matter how much I write and how many blog entries I have produced, I cannot publish them whenever I want. As you may have noticed I have just recently published my blog about Hunger Games although I have written it last month.

As regards the drive, there are so many topics to write about this summer and I have participated in several activities that I want to put them in my blog. However, the heat of the season makes me feel so lazy and I end up writing about something else or not writing at all.

I will try my very best to update as often as I can. I know the only way to do that is to sacrifice my USB and connect it to different ports (goodness gracious, my usb is becoming a whore). Good thing my boyfriend is an IT. He gives an additional feeling of security.

I will be posting the blogs I have meant to post this April in their respective schedule and hopefully I will be able to write on time after,

Ja ne

By the way while you're at it, check out my new fanfiction in fanfiction.net under Prince of Tennis: 


hot summer somber days

It's freaking hot in the Philippines right now that I want to be somewhere else...

I don't have my salary yet. It has been four days already. I cannot use the freaking internet because I don't have my salary. I don't have blog entries for the last two weeks of March and even if I did, I wouldn't  be able to publish it anyway.

I have been busy computing the grades of my students, and getting myself cleared and, recently, making the module for the first semester. My mind has also become busy conjuring half-baked fanfictions. Still, a part of me is busy reflecting what things have gone wrong.

The weather isn't helping me one bit. I am not one with those who rejoice because it is summer and they can enjoy the beach and all.  Summer afterall is a season that can figuratively brighten and lighten up anybody. Since I am not just anybody, I do not share this ideology. Summer tans and darkens everyone- that I agree.

When I get my salary, one of the things I will buy is a fan. Then, I can half-enjoy summer, soaking up in its paradox.