on a jetplane

Last Saturday, Russ got injured in a ball game. It was a tough basketball fight since his team was aiming for straight wins. They did win three times in a row. In the last game, Russ slipped and landed on the wrong side of his foot. It looked like he sacrificed it for  that very important third game.

This Thursday, he is going to fly to Cagayan and I am worried. So worried. He has recuperated, I know, since it has been four days since the accident but I can't help it.

Aside from that...

I do not want him to go.

Yes, it is part of his job. I know it is only for a day. I actually keep telling this to myself.


There are so many things that can happen within a day and as of this moment I can only think of the what-ifs.

Hadn't he injured his foot, I would be worrying less but he did, so I am like this.

The person who is nervous is not the guy who will be having his first airplane ride. It is I who will be waiting for his return.

I am already missing my Chipmunk.

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