Karma of a Lone Lonely Loner

Last Friday, I did not go to work due to a respiratory problem. A day before that, I already found it difficult to breathe. Whenever I did, I felt a sharp pain traveling down my chest. It was not a good feeling. It was as if somebody was trying to cut my chest vertically from the inside. I could not even swallow food well.

It was as if it was a sin to breathe.

The day after, I did not go to work and decided to give my self a well earned rest.

This week Friday, my Co-Enrollment Advisers are absent. Syme, Ms. A, Sir Bien. If in our lineup last week I was the only one absent, this week , I am the only one present. Sir Bien has to meet his father, Ms A needs to follow up her thesis in her Masters, and Syme...well, I do not know where he is because up until this moment, I am not receiving his messages although I have sent a couple already asking for his whereabouts. I have a feeling that he went with Ms A to help her with her experiment.

I am on my lonesome. I don't have someone to talk with. All I can see are empty stations, the three desktop computers are all staring blankly at me. If that's not enough, the desktop that I am using mocks me of the things that I have to finish...alone.

I reckon this is pay-back time for being absent last Friday.

It somehow strengthens my missing Russ. By the way, he's coming back this evening. Oh God, I can't wait for him to come back safe and sound. What's more is I can't wait to see him for tomorrow's movie watching.

[update: Syme has texted me saying that this is my time to have a heart to heart talk with ______.]

[more updates: I have taken photos of the workplace and myself... I think I will edit the photos first before posting them here.]

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