Death has been confronting me from all sides.

Death has been confronting me from all sides. The first time was when I almost lost my life in a hold-upping (is there such a word) scene. The second confrontation was when I learned that my highschool classmate and buddy Jerome Juralbal died because of his eye infection. The third one was when I was informed that my high school principal died.

I am afraid of death, definitely. I am so afraid of it that I dont want it to catch me off guard. I want to face it bravely. I just cant stop with being afraid of it. I know I couldnt possibly avoid Death just like I cant avoid being afraid of Freddy Kruger. But I can definitely do something to make my life worthwhilespend every minute of my life by savoring the fact that its good to be alive.

 As much as possible, I make every day special. I keep records of my daily experiences because I dont want to be remembered as just another person who has lived. No one knows when I will be gone.

I dont know why but it concerns me that I should finish all of my desires before I die. But of course, it would be very impossible to do that. My life is not a version, of Nicholas Sparks A Walk to Remember. I cannot depend on somebody to fulfill my dreams for me because, as it is, that somebody is yet to be given to me. All I can do for the mean time is to spend time with people special to me, be they friends or family. To tell them how much they mean to me. And to create memories that can mean me so much to them.

This might sound pathetic. But I cant let these thoughts be buried with me until god-knows-when, literally and figuratively.

splash of orange

Philippines has its own “cherry blossom trees.”—Don’t be fooled, I am not advertising the country, nor trying to fool anybody that we do have “cherry trees.” I am trying to express my interest and somehow influence other people to get interested in these trees that bloom every summer. Instead of pink blossoms, they bloom orange(red orange) flowers. You can find it along the LRT line. Hotspots are R. Papa, Central, and Pedro Gil stations respectively.

I don’t even know its name, not that I didn’t even try. I asked many of my friends already about that tree. Here is a shot. I know I don’t give justice to how beautiful they are. I don’t have a proper camera, you see. I just use my phone cam whenever I see something good. Aside from that, I get to take photos while I am aboard LRT—needless to say, I love my “sports” application now. Anyway, if you have the time, and you take the LRT, or you live near the stations I have already mentioned, you will easily find them.

As I look at those trees while going to my present work, I ask why people, particularly Filipinos love cherry blossoms. I don’t know the answer to this one since I myself am interested in them.

. I am quite guilty of loving other nation’s beauty than my own and the “orange” trees have just reminded me about that.
All I can say is those splashes of orange on the green, blue and grey background beat any kaleidoscope in the world.