I am probably the last person you will think of when you hear the word stuffed toys. Or fluffy pillows.

I am probably the last person you will think of when you hear the word stuffed toys. Or fluffy pillows. Or cute teddy bears. Right?

But that is wrong.

How could you be so mean! I actually like them.

Whether you believe it or not.

The reason that I don’t seem to like them is I did not have any when I was young. My father has this strange philosophy that children can’t handle toys well and that “toys” should be given to kids when they already have the “mind” to handle them with care.
He therefore decided to give me one when I was already teaching in Chiang Kai Shek. I was really pleased. It was a lazy dog.

After that, the others came.
from my student in caloocan science
from Eugene Lester Lin of CKSC
from my III-7 students
from Kristie, Mariel, and Joemar, my friends from VCF
from my youngest brother, xerd
from my lovely III-4 students
from ryan kyle sia, III-6
from Maria Cecilia Villafuerte

I still have a Spongebob hand warmer(from III-6) and Pikachu (from DUO) but both are dirty and as of the moment, not presentable.

I wish to have one of these though. 
it's Haina's teddy bear...

Yup, a giant teddy bear that I can hug when I sleep. I don’t want to believe that I should have a boyfriend first before I get one. If you are reading this, you know what I want for Christmas. But if you are quite generous, well, one for my birthday won’t hurt. Haha…


Back when I was in college, I was sooooo stingy—an excuse for being poor actually—and I could not have the heart to discard things even they seemed useless. The result is the accumulated “bookmarks” in my closet.

While I was arranging my things in my drawers, I found this bookmark I made when I was still in the University.

You got that right. I made that from the boards of stockings. Hehe.

This silhouette bookmark was given to me by Lyra dela Cruz, a former classmate in the University. Written near the edges is the lyrics of Sponge Cola’s Gemini.

Another one is this train ticket I got from purchasing a second hand book. It is not an ordinary train ticket. It is, or it used to be, subway ticket to London.

As of the moment, I don’t see how I can use them since most of my books are in boxes and I only read one book at a time now since I don’t have any requirement. They’ll see their tomorrow soon though. Come this June and my beloved books and their bookmarks will see what studying with Jahzeel Dionne V. Ybasco is.

funky wristwatches

I don’t have the leisure of money to spend on real “good” wristwatches. Yep, those wristwatches that cost so much but cannot even look decent.

Blimey…that’s just an excuse for not being able to have any.

Nevertheless, I don’t envy people who have those expensive time keepers. I get to enjoy my time and my money for these:

You see, I may not show my friends the finest watches on earth but I sure enjoy looking at my wristwatches.


Friends and acquaintances often tell me that my favorite music is rock.

Funny that they tell me about it and not wait for confirmation. Not that I mind. In fact, I find it awesome that they are concerned about what I listen to.

They are not totally wrong though. I like it. But I don’t stick with it. I am quite promiscuous in music. It all depends on my mood—but most of the time it’s the other way around: music dictates my mood. Rather than feel empty for a long time, I go to music that will give me more life. Since love songs will end up making me cheesy, and dance songs make me hyper, then the next best thing is alternative music.  However, nothing beats official soundtracks of animations and films as they have better substance and quality.

From time to time, I deviate from my usual themes though. I look for new songs and experiment to figure out if they are good ear candies or plain crap.

Through that experiment, I found Bigbang. It is a Korean group composed of 5 members. I have been fond of them since 2008. From then on, I keep track of the group’s activities. They occupy a good number of slots in my playlist. Sometimes they sing rock or ballad. They have sung an OST too. Most of the time they play hiphop. What makes them a good band for me is they keep on exceeding my expectations.

One good clue of how much I like them is: the first time that I bought a CD and not waited for the songs to be converted to MP3 and be available on line was when I bought Bigbang’s Japanese album.

Now that I am saying this to the whole nation, probably nobody will tell me that my favorite music is rock. Otherwise, I will give that person a big bang.

nihonggo notes and osaka pen

While cleaning up, I saw some of my old notes including the one I used for my nihonggo self-study years ago, and a pen from Osaka University.

Going back to the Japanese study?

Nope, just getting back to anime addiction.

Aside from that, who needs self study when she has a friend who will soon translate the animations they watch together.

Hehe, gambatte  Maiden-sama/ yeobo/ Eejeong/ Ryoma…
…Is it gaMbatte or gaNbatte?



  • 1.       say the same thing over and over again
  • 2.       ask questions and dont listen to answers
  • 3.       point out non-existent mistakes because you think they are there
  • 4.       compare workers right at their faces
  • 5.       teach employees or co-workers what they already know
  • 6.       shut up when you are expected to speak
  • 7.       agree to whatever is being said
  • 8.       ask for suggestions but not give any
  • 9.       act as if you know what to do
  • 10.   have a meeting without coming up with any agenda

As any of my lists, this can go as long as eternity permits it. Anybody who experiences the same thing, raise your hand and say Aye!


decisions: result

I wrote about my life changing decision here. It has been a year. I am still sitting in the same place, using the same computer. Nothing has changed except maybe for my haircut…and well, my clothes. However, mentally and socially, I think I have grown.

I have learned a different language. I can read and write Hangul now, can understand Korean dramas and correct some hastily made subs. In return, I have acquired a good amount of different culture and included it my daily life.

I have learned to criticize pieces of literature and art (mada mada dane: I still need to study though). I have read a good number of books, blogs, mangas, and yes, fanfictions. All these contribute to more writing styles for my part. I have learned to write more important things (yes, fanfiction IS important) than plain rants in my blog.

I have learned to criticize people under their very noses and get away unscathed. However, I also know now how to deal with different people.

I have learned how to be a better hypocrite. When before, I used to just be silent when I did not like something or somebody, right now, I can smile without giving any clue to what I really feel. How do I know this? Because people still keep coming, even if I don’t like some of them to. I have learned to adjust to what part of me they want to see, what reactions they want from me. I feel honored whenever my real friends point this out to me. At least, I still have that part of me that is human.

As I continue having a mask on, I have learned to be genuine. I have learned to show how happy, angry, and sad I am to people I choose. I speak openly when I am depressed. I clown around when I am happy. I destroy things, or mutter curses in the dark when I am angry.

I have learned to make, value, and keep not good, but great friends.

I have maintained a harmonious relationship with my family despite the randomness of my decisions.

You see, I have grown so much. I can’t say I regret making that decision a year ago. Far from it.

I am not disappointed… But I am also not satisfied…Those conditions are part of my standards of living after all.

For the meantime, I can say I am happy… I know however, that I can be happier.

This is the time that I know that I will make another decision.