Friends and acquaintances often tell me that my favorite music is rock.

Funny that they tell me about it and not wait for confirmation. Not that I mind. In fact, I find it awesome that they are concerned about what I listen to.

They are not totally wrong though. I like it. But I don’t stick with it. I am quite promiscuous in music. It all depends on my mood—but most of the time it’s the other way around: music dictates my mood. Rather than feel empty for a long time, I go to music that will give me more life. Since love songs will end up making me cheesy, and dance songs make me hyper, then the next best thing is alternative music.  However, nothing beats official soundtracks of animations and films as they have better substance and quality.

From time to time, I deviate from my usual themes though. I look for new songs and experiment to figure out if they are good ear candies or plain crap.

Through that experiment, I found Bigbang. It is a Korean group composed of 5 members. I have been fond of them since 2008. From then on, I keep track of the group’s activities. They occupy a good number of slots in my playlist. Sometimes they sing rock or ballad. They have sung an OST too. Most of the time they play hiphop. What makes them a good band for me is they keep on exceeding my expectations.

One good clue of how much I like them is: the first time that I bought a CD and not waited for the songs to be converted to MP3 and be available on line was when I bought Bigbang’s Japanese album.

Now that I am saying this to the whole nation, probably nobody will tell me that my favorite music is rock. Otherwise, I will give that person a big bang.

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