Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

If there is one novel or series that inspires and influences me to be a better teacher and a woman, it is this.

The whole series of Anne of Green Gables centers on Anne, an imaginative, red-haired orphane turned teacher turned mother. It focuses on Anne's challenges in life and her optimistic wit to overcome them.

This novel isn't the regular tear-jerking piece of literature that usually highlights the moving actions, works, and advices of teachers. Nor it portrays the heroism or martyrdom of women. Anne of Green Gables showcases the value of being a teacher and a woman through all the subtle realities of everyday experiences. It doesn't deliberately tell the lessons from challenges; to conveys its morals, it uses its very powerful tool, Anne herself.

In Anne can women of the globe see themselves as a child, as a school girl, as a friend, as a lover, a teacher, an artist, a woman.

"God in heaven, all is well in the world."


Being a Human

This is a feeling I usually get whenever I hear people criticizing shows, performances, and people. How I wish they could see themselves now: how cruel, sarcastic, and dirty they are.

Perhaps I'm a bit know-it-all myself that I learn to hate people who think they know more than I do. I detest persons who criticize anything as if it is the most important thing to do in the world.

Thinking about it, I realize I'm also a part of them, critics. I cannot last a day without complaining about something or someone. This very blog entry (and my entries) is proof enough already that more than a living being, I'm a human, born to err.

Sometimes I think, turning a blind eye to ourselves makes us dependent to other people for criticisms. And not admitting this dependence angers us. Probably this is the reason I loath my fellow critics: I was busy criticizing other things, forgetting to look at myself therefore offering my very soul open to their swords of fire. I am a being to them.

Probably, it is a part of being a human.


We die hard trying to forget the past but the past continuously haunts us not because it doesn't want to be forgotten but because we relish to relive them in the shards of our heart no matter how painful.

We drink in the pain thinking that it is better to feel the sting than to feel nothing at all.

We want to feel that somehow we had been whole before the painful incident happened.

We rather gorge ourselves with these memories than feel the lurking emptiness waiting for us somewhere.


the wish that finally came true (that i wish didn't happen)

"I do not deny that my heart long desired for this "- Galadriel, LOTR Fellowship of the Rings

i was given the responsibility of handling the school's pub: CKSC's The Writer's Guild.
For a person who is so attached to writing and journalism, probably this is indeed a very good opportunity. That is also what i thought, at first. But now, amidst teaching requirements and family problems, I could only sigh: how could this be happening so fast?

Writing relaxes me. It(aside from listening to head banging music) is my therapy for stress. I feel good when i write. Why then do i feel this?

The answer is there already. It's writing that i love, not handling students who would become writers.

to be honest, i hate seeing other people living my dreams. i usually tell myself "I could have been there--I should have been there instead of that person"

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future" --Galadriel, LOTR Fellowship of the Rings

I hope as I work with these students, I could gain new perspective. I hope they could teach me something. I hope that somehow they could change my future.

Lastly, I hope i would learn how not be ungrateful