Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

If there is one novel or series that inspires and influences me to be a better teacher and a woman, it is this.

The whole series of Anne of Green Gables centers on Anne, an imaginative, red-haired orphane turned teacher turned mother. It focuses on Anne's challenges in life and her optimistic wit to overcome them.

This novel isn't the regular tear-jerking piece of literature that usually highlights the moving actions, works, and advices of teachers. Nor it portrays the heroism or martyrdom of women. Anne of Green Gables showcases the value of being a teacher and a woman through all the subtle realities of everyday experiences. It doesn't deliberately tell the lessons from challenges; to conveys its morals, it uses its very powerful tool, Anne herself.

In Anne can women of the globe see themselves as a child, as a school girl, as a friend, as a lover, a teacher, an artist, a woman.

"God in heaven, all is well in the world."

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