I've always loved to be in the spot light 

but it feels good being at the background and getting a bird's eye view of things.

it makes me learn things in a different more mature perspective.

i think i've grown up all of a sudden.



when will i get stuck at home and drink loads of these again...

I miss coffee...

hello work

started working on the syllabus yesterday. was able to finish it today. am going to present/defend it tomorrow. will they accept or reject my first sylla-baby. hehe.

the kiddo

funny. i have adopted another brother. this time a chinese kiddo. my family is growing. hehe.

funnier thing is spending time with this kid is almost the same as spending time with people of my age. tsk. Maturity is not just about age i know.


Phone blogging.

.tryin out blogging with my phone.if this works then yahoo.ha3


anything japanese

found this hankie while looking for joyce's bandana. isn't it cute...although i can' understand a thing, the pictures tell a lot. Chezuka, Yeobo, Atobe, can you translate it?

venting out my stress on these poor pieces of paper, proving that i can tear things to shreds. you see this? this is what i am going to do to anybody who pisses me off.