24 novels here I come

Reading twenty four novels this year is one of my short term goals. It looks pretty easy, one can say I just have to read two novels a month and voila! Done. If only there were no papers to check, to classes to teach, no students to entertain, I could have finished my goal within three months. Unfortunately, I have sworn to be a teacher and an instructor of college at that which means I won't be able to escape my fate unless --meaning finishing two novels in a month is like going on a diet while watching cooking shows...I'm not sure if the simile fits but I think you can get what I mean. I also have my Masters this next semester. Although this puts me to an advantage since my Professors will be assigning several readings, I still think I should be able to read the novels I am not required to read.

Thank goodness for summer! I have read several classic and contemporary novels. Just this three-day long weekend, I have finished four novels in the Pretty Little Liars Series and I'm absolutely hooked. 

If my calculations are correct, I think I have read 12 novels already, which makes me halfway through my goal! I do not need to rush reading through my work then since I still have six months for 12 novels and I think I will be able to finish another one this month. I'm so loving this. Don't you just love accomplishing your goal while doing what you love?