I wanted my blog to focus on specific topics relevant to everyday experiences rather than tell my autobiography which I doubt anyone is interested to read. So I changed the title from Worthless Being to the Wanderings and Wonderings of a Worthless Being..

I have wanted to start the change by creating a new tag inspired by Alanis Morisette. I have witnessed and experienced several ironies that were not mentioned nor given justice in Ironic (due to length issues probably). Minor ironies that can be shrugged off because (actually, the reason is already in my major clause) they are so little that we just laugh about them.

There are so many of them that I cant pick one to start the tag right. Whew

One thing is for sure though: without these ironies life wouldnt be as interesting as it is.



One of the few things that I think about these days is how normal people abusively say I cant…” and I dont know.

The principle that I have been living up to is the worst for me is to know that I didnt succeed because I didnt try. A longer version of the saying try and try until you succeed.

All right, people might argue that we dont have to try everything to learn about things, to learn that we cant do them.
Of course. Every thing starts with knowing that we dont know and admitting it but it shouldnt stop there. We shouldnt stop at knowing and proclaiming that we dont know. When should we stop saying that we are uneducated?

Its only sad that sometimes, people give up at this point

I cant help but think that probably, for these people, learning is a continuous process is just a cliché. They only go for a set of trial and error and when they find that a particular field is as easy as pie, they neglect the more challenging fields because they cant and they dont know.

The issue of practicality and convenience yet again. So they settle for less. Yeah, whats wrong with that... Aspiring for more only leads to more effort and tons of frustration.

But heres one thingsome people with disabilities can do even more than these mentally incapacitated human beings (mentally because what they feel is only in their mindsor not in them). The disabled can sing, can dance, can climb mountains. But normal people cant learnWhy do these handicapped (sorry for the derogatory term for lack of better one) have more drive than those who are more fortunate?

Is it because they, the lucky ones, dont have to prove themselves anything?
For my part, I wonder how they can be helped when they dont, cant, dont know (how to) help themselves.

I actually lose my affection for these people. I even lose my patiencean indicator that somehow I still care and I hate it that I care for their welfare that they are very much willing to get rid of.