.impromptu resume and application letter making..mrs. manzano's final exam...katatapos ko lang...ang tanong "tama ba anak?!!"


..eh sa mayabang nga eh

...gr...really now...hehe
sana lang reliable source sila diba..to hell i care..(oh really)...ano ba yan..puro issue..hehe..tama na nga kasi raw ang pagpapanggap...


hanggang sa muli

.it's not how long we held each other's hand.what matters is how....
yeah it's a korni song. but i think it best describes what i feel now...
kelly's going back to korea.
im not saying i'm so attached to her..
it's just she's growing in me and that's something i don't deny.
im proud to say that i cried when we bid each other 'hanggang sa muli'...
and i won't regret that i cried for a 44year-old korean elementary school teacher
who, from the start of our tutorial session, became a meaningful part of my life.

hanggang sa muli Park Kyeong Won