4th month part 1

Right, this is just part one since I am posting this few  minutes before I say goodbye to the internet and say hello to my Knight in Baggy Clothes. I have edited these  pictures for the occasion and I hope to have more photos tonight.

Do I sound so happy?

Well, I am definitely happy.



A story can have more than one interpretation. It can be approached, inspected let's say, in different points of view. As readers, we have the right to choose whose side we are going to take, whose philosophy we are going to believe, whose ideology we are going to follow and live up to as our own principle. We have the right to choose our favorite characters even if it means deviating from the author's will of protagonists and antagonists. Still, the Author has the final say to whatever it is going to happen in the story--except if the reader insists making his own version and come-up with good fanfictions.

My life is a story. It is a novel that keeps on unraveling until I die. My life is an open book and people judge me either through what I want them to see or what THEY want to see. The same way, I look at them like how I look at books in a library where they sit in one corner sometimes forgotten and taken for granted, in a bookstore where they were dressed to impress consumers, and in my home where they were perused and sometimes scattered about.

I buy different books, read a lot, and favored some. I forget the books that I dislike or plain uninteresting, or unimportant and reread the ones that fancy my interest, and help me develop.

I pick my protagonists among the million characters in those novels and compilation of short stories. I pick the language that I am more comfortable with. When I dislike one plot, I don't care be it Shakespeare's or Hemingway's, I chuck the novel and get something new.

It is the same process I use with people. Of course, there is a very clean line between people and books and I know that. Still, isn't it funny that we forget those people we don't like and unimportant to us the same way we forget the characters in novels, even short stories that we find boring? Isn't it funny that we choose to believe our friends no matter what they tell us the same way we believe the "Diet for Dummies"? We don't like lending our favorite books to just anybody but to somebody we trust the like how we are overprotective and even possessive of our dearest friends. 

Just like with books written by authors we admire, we choose to believe those people that matter, who are interesting.

In my library, I have a number of favorite books. One of them is named Katherine Embudo Vera.

I think I have made my point.


dress to kill: battle suit

I am not so "conscious" with what I wear. I normally use the clothes that are comfortable which means hoodies, baggy shirts, pants, and sneakers. My main accessory is merely a necklace with a ring pendant, and wristwatch. In short, I seldom dress to kill. 

These days however, I often wear frilly shirts with puffy sleeves so that I will look different, more lady-like and "more" mature than my students. Most of the time that style doesn't do me and my effort any justice. I look younger than my students.

One former co-worker commented that I am an "avatar." Before you imagine me having blue skin and big yellow eyes, let me clarify that what she meant by avatar is what people often use as a representation of themselves in the world wide web when they can't find eye-friendly pictures.

She said that I normally look good in whatever I wear which is contradictory to what my parents think of my style. Not once have I heard my father say "baduy" before I leave for school.

Last October 15th, I made an experiment. I tried to dress up. WCC faculty and staff were required to wear modern semi-formal clothes and since I was not sure what that was, I rummage my closet and looked for at least a decent one. One simple dress. I swear, that was the only thing I had in mind. Why? I don't usually wear dresses. I avoid wearing one when I can help it. My point was since nobody had seen me wear a dress before, it would be something big.

Here is a photo of a sketch I had done the day before the concert.

Here is how it actually looked like :
with Ms. Anna Marigondon, my seatmate

I was quite satisfied with my clothes that night. Russ and his mom said that I should often sport the same fashion. I did not entirely agree with them because I thought if I would use the same style again and again, it would not be so surprising anymore. 

What do you think?

being innovative and all

Ms. Agustin with some of the students
To conclude the semester, WCC Caloocan English Department came up with an online exam for Communication Skills 1 last Oct 17th. Students needed to to go to what we call "Star Cafe" which by the way serves as an in-school Starbucks where students can use computers, drink beverages and eat sweets.

The kids were not to eat there however since the online exam had a time-limit. They needed to register before taking the exams, log-in, answer all of the items, and leave the Cafe. The scores would be directed to the page of the testmaker. And voila! Stress-free results.

Aside from the problem with the internet connection, the exam went on pretty well. Of course, it was difficult since the proctors had to be in the testing area the entire day. Ms. Agustin in particular had only slept a wink the night before because she had to finish the test.

At least we can say that the success of launching and administering the test was a already a reward. After all these, we could sleep peacefully. I remember Mrs. Brenda Ong from CKSC High School English Department , who had taught me that the more difficult the exam is made, the easier it is to check. This online exam is one of the best examples.

Congratulations to WCC-Caloocan College of Education, Department of English, Mr. Xyviel Edeson A. Beredo, Ms. Abigail V. Agustin, and yep, yours truly, me. 

Job well done.

*Oh, I do love rewarding myself with praises after accomplishing a remarkable feat. Uhuh, you might wanna try doing it too, one of these days.


1st sem

I will definitely miss the classes I have handled for my 1st semester of teaching here in WCC. I want to express my appreciation to those people who have complied to my requirements, standards, and expectations. I may have had stubborn students but they are nothing compared to those who have given their best. The names of those outstanding people are already stored in my memory; the rest, I have let the trash take them. Congratulations and see you next semester.

smurfy time

We have tried to motivate each other into seeing movies together. There was once when we were walking in the mall when I suddenly thought of seeing a movie but he refused, saying that he could easily get a good copy of any movie that I would want to see. Then came a time that he wanted to see a movie using his computer(if my memory serves me right, it's X-men Origins) and I kept on bothering him about my netbook.

In short, our attempts were utter failure (otherwise they wouldn't be called attempts anymore).
Last Friday was an exemption. The two of us plus his mom and grandmother saw a movie in his house. Guess what the movie is...Smurfs.
I therefore conclude that Smurfs united us as one. :P