A story can have more than one interpretation. It can be approached, inspected let's say, in different points of view. As readers, we have the right to choose whose side we are going to take, whose philosophy we are going to believe, whose ideology we are going to follow and live up to as our own principle. We have the right to choose our favorite characters even if it means deviating from the author's will of protagonists and antagonists. Still, the Author has the final say to whatever it is going to happen in the story--except if the reader insists making his own version and come-up with good fanfictions.

My life is a story. It is a novel that keeps on unraveling until I die. My life is an open book and people judge me either through what I want them to see or what THEY want to see. The same way, I look at them like how I look at books in a library where they sit in one corner sometimes forgotten and taken for granted, in a bookstore where they were dressed to impress consumers, and in my home where they were perused and sometimes scattered about.

I buy different books, read a lot, and favored some. I forget the books that I dislike or plain uninteresting, or unimportant and reread the ones that fancy my interest, and help me develop.

I pick my protagonists among the million characters in those novels and compilation of short stories. I pick the language that I am more comfortable with. When I dislike one plot, I don't care be it Shakespeare's or Hemingway's, I chuck the novel and get something new.

It is the same process I use with people. Of course, there is a very clean line between people and books and I know that. Still, isn't it funny that we forget those people we don't like and unimportant to us the same way we forget the characters in novels, even short stories that we find boring? Isn't it funny that we choose to believe our friends no matter what they tell us the same way we believe the "Diet for Dummies"? We don't like lending our favorite books to just anybody but to somebody we trust the like how we are overprotective and even possessive of our dearest friends. 

Just like with books written by authors we admire, we choose to believe those people that matter, who are interesting.

In my library, I have a number of favorite books. One of them is named Katherine Embudo Vera.

I think I have made my point.

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