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Ms. Agustin with some of the students
To conclude the semester, WCC Caloocan English Department came up with an online exam for Communication Skills 1 last Oct 17th. Students needed to to go to what we call "Star Cafe" which by the way serves as an in-school Starbucks where students can use computers, drink beverages and eat sweets.

The kids were not to eat there however since the online exam had a time-limit. They needed to register before taking the exams, log-in, answer all of the items, and leave the Cafe. The scores would be directed to the page of the testmaker. And voila! Stress-free results.

Aside from the problem with the internet connection, the exam went on pretty well. Of course, it was difficult since the proctors had to be in the testing area the entire day. Ms. Agustin in particular had only slept a wink the night before because she had to finish the test.

At least we can say that the success of launching and administering the test was a already a reward. After all these, we could sleep peacefully. I remember Mrs. Brenda Ong from CKSC High School English Department , who had taught me that the more difficult the exam is made, the easier it is to check. This online exam is one of the best examples.

Congratulations to WCC-Caloocan College of Education, Department of English, Mr. Xyviel Edeson A. Beredo, Ms. Abigail V. Agustin, and yep, yours truly, me. 

Job well done.

*Oh, I do love rewarding myself with praises after accomplishing a remarkable feat. Uhuh, you might wanna try doing it too, one of these days.

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