dress to kill: battle suit

I am not so "conscious" with what I wear. I normally use the clothes that are comfortable which means hoodies, baggy shirts, pants, and sneakers. My main accessory is merely a necklace with a ring pendant, and wristwatch. In short, I seldom dress to kill. 

These days however, I often wear frilly shirts with puffy sleeves so that I will look different, more lady-like and "more" mature than my students. Most of the time that style doesn't do me and my effort any justice. I look younger than my students.

One former co-worker commented that I am an "avatar." Before you imagine me having blue skin and big yellow eyes, let me clarify that what she meant by avatar is what people often use as a representation of themselves in the world wide web when they can't find eye-friendly pictures.

She said that I normally look good in whatever I wear which is contradictory to what my parents think of my style. Not once have I heard my father say "baduy" before I leave for school.

Last October 15th, I made an experiment. I tried to dress up. WCC faculty and staff were required to wear modern semi-formal clothes and since I was not sure what that was, I rummage my closet and looked for at least a decent one. One simple dress. I swear, that was the only thing I had in mind. Why? I don't usually wear dresses. I avoid wearing one when I can help it. My point was since nobody had seen me wear a dress before, it would be something big.

Here is a photo of a sketch I had done the day before the concert.

Here is how it actually looked like :
with Ms. Anna Marigondon, my seatmate

I was quite satisfied with my clothes that night. Russ and his mom said that I should often sport the same fashion. I did not entirely agree with them because I thought if I would use the same style again and again, it would not be so surprising anymore. 

What do you think?

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