Muchas Grasas

*Muchas Grasas is a play of words on the Spanish expression “muchas grasias” which means “thank you very much.” This pun is a title of the segment of the longest running comedy show in the Philippines Bubble Gang. The said segment is about a family of ‘Taong Grasa’, a term for financially deprived person who does not have any choice but to live on the streets or under bridges. At first, one will think that it is about how the rich dominate the poor but it is the other way around. In the segment, the poor discriminate those who are clean and well-off.

There will always be people who encourage and lift you up. Along with them will be those who try to bring you down.

Labeling somebody or something in front of others without thinking is one of the worst faux pas one can ever commit. It is unsophisticated, unintelligent, and ostentatious. It is also an affirmation of insecurity.

I do not know how low an insecure person can go. In fact, I do not need to know. There cards are quite out in the open, I won't even say they have strategies. Anyway, all they do is cloak themselves with hypocritical righteousness.

All I know is I am doing my job. And if someone badmouths me whether in front of other people, I take it as an artist having an immature anti-fan.

Simon says that I must learn the art of 'deadma' or indifference and I think I really should and I shall begin practicing.

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