EpFour: Hungry for Hunger Games?

Monday, March 26, 2012
8:04 PM

Last Saturday, in celebration of completing my requirements for the semester, I went out with my EpFour friends to see the famous Hunger Games. It was Maria's idea as she loves the novel. Also it had been awhile since we saw a movie in the cinemas. As with the other girls, it took us three months before we finally hung out. Hunger Games was the best reason to meet.

It was raining cats and dogs then. In fact, I was drenched from my knees down as if the umbrella did not help me much. My new bag was even wet (which reminds me that I haven't written anything about the bag that Russell gave me).  Naturally, the rain did not purposely bathe me alone so everyone was affected. There was heavy traffic and everybody's mood was foul.

It was great that we did not let it stop us from getting together.

We tried booking seats in Trinoma's cinemas but since Hunger Games had just been shown for two days, a lot of people were still into it. Not to mention it was a Saturday and the start of the vacation for many. It was not at all surprising that it was fully booked. We transferred to SM North Edsa and finally got tickets in Cinema 3 of The Block.

While waiting for Russ and Gerard to come, we ate in Flavors of China. We got to know Dennis and his touch-screen Blackberry. We talked about Sheldon and Leonard and the BIGBANG (not the Korean one).

Few minutes to the scheduled filming, we rushed to Cinema 3 and got our seats without Russ and Gerard. It was a good thing there was initial reservation so we did not have any problem for the late-comers' seats. It did not take them long to come anyway so it was okay.

Since I did not have any clue as to what the story was about I found the movie quite good as opposed to what Maria thought about it. All of us found Lenny Kravitz and the colorful lady interesting. We all laughed at the expression " That's mahogany!" Like me, Jaina found the movie quite nice. Mae vowed to watch Battle Royal--a movie Maria had been endorsing to us even before the Hunger Games fandom. Maria, well, she would just wait for the next installment if it would get any better according to her standards. On the other hand, the boys did not make an effort in expressing their dissatisfaction. Russ said it was good for DVDs but not really for cinemas. We really had different reactions as regards the film.

What we thought of the movie was nothing compared to the experience we had. It was the first time EpFour saw a movie together, the first time I actually brought my boyfriend with me in a cinema with my girlfriends. It was overwhelming.


To Cordozar, hey dude. Next time it is going to be pro bono.

To Dennis, nice meeting you.

To Russell, we'll be having more movie watching to do, Pa.

To the EpFour, let us toast for another activity we have accomplished together.

"May the odds be ever in your favor."

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