of sore throat and other drugs

I have intended to post an article about our school's college week but it needs more details and revisions so I am going to post this one instead. My rant today is about my anxiety amidst my sore throat period, how happy I have been when I got my voice back and how I am currently abusing it.

I have already written about my sore throat last Saturday and I think it is but fair that I write an update. It is for the sake of journal keeping.

Moving on...

I had a dilemma in the period that I lost my voice: what would I do if I would not get it back? I was seriously disturbed since I love my voice so much. I like to sing my favorite songs, to speak out my mind, to imitate famous and not so famous characters. I teach using my voice. I profess my love to those I care for. How would I do all of these without my voice?

I was in the verge of crying when Russ told me to stop thinking hysterically and focus instead on how I would get better.

I got my voice back last Monday morning, thank God, but I was prohibited to strain it until it has been fully restored. Until now, I feel uncomfortable speaking. My voice doesn't come out smoothly and every now and then I still cough.

Still, it is a liberating feeling being able to talk again. I have started singing in the bathroom once more. One of these days I will be able to start singing with the Nameless Band, yahoo.

However, my sore throat threatens to return. I have had lectures and discussions already which mean my voice box is in full blast once more. My throat has started to itch. My voice sounds rough and raspy for my taste, not the quality it has been known for.

I think I have to be good friends with Strepsils, Vicks Vapor Rub, and Ginger if I want to have a speedy recovery. All for the love of my voice, I will befriend them as soon as I get home so that I will be able to write something else aside from my sore throat.
Photos of the seminar which triggered my sore throat.

Moi, and Gaile

moi and ms noriesta

my seminar yipeee

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