Russell planned our Sunday date for the first time. We had arguments the night before and other nights before that about small matters and he had decided to seal these complications with one date. He had exchanged schedules just so we could spend this Sunday together. Sweet.

As usual, we met in SM North but unlike the other times, he accompanied me to the shops I had been wanting to visit. He tried not to look like he was being forced to visit a lion's den and instead he looked interested in the things I wanted. We checked stuffed toys shops because he had planned to buy me a Pikachu but I refused since it can wait. We were in a rather tight budget nowadays and I would not be happy having a stuffed toy despite knowing that my boyfriend was stretching his food allowance.

We stayed longer in SM North as we savored green mangoes in Sky Garden. It was the first time that we talked in that area. It was a nice change from the airconditioned shops. While basking in the setting sun and feeling the fresh breeze on our faces, we talked about our argument and how we could make our relationship better.

After that, we jumped to Trinoma to belt our voices out in Timezone. We sang alternative songs and we competed for the top scores. I got two perfect scores and he got one out of 8-9 songs that we sang. Hah! Midway in our singing competition, I got conscious because the number of people waiting to get in the Music Zone increased. He shooed my worries away when he reminded me of how long we had waited for our chance. Without anxiousness left, I continued searching for songs.

We rewarded ourselves with humble food for dinner. We went to Paotsin in Trinoma Foodcourt and ate dumplings. Yum! We reminisced the first dates that we had. He corrected some of the details that I could remember and I corrected his. I told him, my mom likes him a lot and he told me that it was good since it was a part of his well-structured plan: to  woo the people around the girl before he gets the amore of the girl. The night before, he had told my mother through chat how much he loved me…but that’s another story.

Our date would not be complete without our usual coffee. We bought two venti-cups of coffee from Starbucks and we sat near the fountains of Trinoma.

There were so many things to talk about in that tranquil garden-like area. He conveyed his thoughts about my behavior and how it affects us. I told him things that I try to change in me. He shared his plans for his Wasart business and I told him he could expect my support. We also took note of the things we would like to do this summer and he suddenly remembered that we won’t be meeting this week until Sunday. He rejected that idea and he said that he would find a way for us to meet before Sunday, and he found it. We finally managed to get our schedules right so we can see each other on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As he walked me to the van terminal, I thought of why I love him--the fact that he may look indifferent and laid back in our relationship and yet he remains to have a stronger faith. I wondered how long he would puHe seemed to have read my thoughts because he said we would never be apart as long as we both mature in our relationship.

With his goodbye hug and kiss, the only word I can think of is Sweet.

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