WCC College Week

The WCC Caloocan Administrators decided to give students and teachers a break from the usual rigorous studying and have an activity week. From 20th to 24th of February we had our well appreciated College Week where students from the different colleges in school showcased their talents, creativity, and zeal that they don't usually show in their subject areas.

Each department prepared a variety of activities that professors and students alike did not know where to go first. But of course, where their loyalty laid was in the exhibits of their own department. After an hour or so, they started visiting other booths and programs.

The English Department had a film festival. The movies lined up ranged from action, to inspirational, to horror ones. Every now and then, people passing by the AVR could hear different exclamations of happiness, shock and grief coming from the audience.

Dice and I, after the English Seminar
The same department held a seminar last Thursday. I was one of the two speakers and I talked about the roles of Language Educators in social reconstruction. The second speaker talked about Teaching to Change Lives which surely inspired our future educators.

The Criminology Department prepared an awesome and worth-visiting booth. Working the Students' Lounge to their advantage received two thumbs up if not three. They had an anatomy corner for forensic purposes. They also had a documentation section where they showed the differences between real money bills and certificates, and fraud documents. Nearing the exit were exhibits of illegal drugs (wrapped so carefully so nobody would be tempted to use them), bullets and guns (students in-charge showed us how to assemble a pistol), and a lie-detector machine (unfortunately it wasn't working).

Bullets from the Criminology Batch
Sunako-chan will envy me right now hehe
The Crim students had a one-week program but I was not able to follow it. However, I deem it is safe to conclude that they had a good time. The faculty could hear them singing their lungs off in their videoke area and I wondered how many of these talented students would audition to get in the Music Club.

Business Administration students occupied three classrooms for their exhibits. Each booth featured different products made out of recycled materials. I even saw one coin bank styled like Chuck. Aside from the booths, they also had seminars and sports fest-both I did not see since their venue, the gym, was at the topmost of our building.

The SIHM had a very exciting week as the organization had different activities per day. There were Cupcake Seminar and Tour Guiding. There were Quiz Bees and cooking contests. The highlight of their week long festivity was their Pageant. All I can say is it was grand. There was a pre-pageant where the contestants showcased their talents and skills. Take note: I was one of the judges. On the pageant night, the contestants showed off their stare-worthy appearances. They looked so awesome we could have registered them in real beauty contests.

Tour Guiding Competition
Alluring Ms. A, and Sexy Syme
Dean Melgar of the SIHM Department, introducing the speaker
Last but not the least, the IT students had booths on the ground floor where they featured different computers and software.
It was safe to conclude that the students enjoyed their activities so much. The professors also had a good time since they had one week of rest from teaching. Also, they were entertained by the well prepared activities.

As for myself, I thought it was great. Seriously. When I was in college I kept wondering how such activities had materialized and I was quite guilty of not participating in them. Now that I am a college instructor, even if I was only half-forced due to my responsibility, I had to immerse myself in experiencing college week from a different angle. And I loved it. 

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