my family is addicted to PoT

PoT as in Prince of Tennis.

Addiction to anime really runs in the family (should I count my mom out? lately, she knows pot characters and cleverly distinguishes one from another). my father used to buy cds after cds of animations and all of us would enjoy a bowl of junk food and watch the animations together (then my mom would be the first to doze). 

this is my current cp wallpaper
come to think of it, it's been awhile since my father has bought a cd, nor seen animations on tv. One of the causes i think is the dvd player is not at all working. Other reason is he is too busy with work. Now, he is having his one week of break from work (he has colds) and enjoying episodes of animations stored in my notebook.It was a good timing that I have copies of Prince of Tennis from manga to anime to film to musicals (i even have copies of OSTs. thanks to Ryoma/ Karupin, Atobe/Tezuka, and Nanjiro for keeping the addiction alive. hehe). My father is a fan of Slamdunk and since both animations have sports as theme, he is easily hooked by PoT.

I hardly touch my PC and there he goes asking me if he can see the animation (as if i have the power to deny him). We have different schedules at home, you see. my father, being a call-center agent is awake at wee hours of the morning so he is my competitor in pc usage. My brothers give me their puppy-dog eyes requesting me to lend the PC so they can see the same anime (XERD, the youngest being a student only has weekends; SKWAPUT, the younger only goes  home once in a while). My mom, well she doesn't use it for animations but for games. However, since my father is staying at home  this week, she has no option but let him have her "share." And she i think is quite entertained by animated young boys that look too old for their ages who can swing rackets like pros.

Now, whenever my friends ask me "What episode was it when blah blah blah?" I promptly give an answer worthy of a Guiness Record for memorizing episode number plus title. They can't put the blame on me since technically I am not the one who voluntarily keeps rewatching episodes. 



To remind myself to intake 8-10 glasses of liquid a day, I keep two 500ml bottles of water, one mug of coffee, and one to two 180 ml of milk beside me. everyday, i try to finish everything off. As a result, i take hundred trips to the comfort room.


can you see stars in broad daylight?

I haven’t considered somebody to be my best friend, at least seriously. Friends come from different times in unexpected places so I haven’t given much thought about it.

But these people saw me at my worst (in my twenty years of existence). 

One of them has her own business already
from grace ann's phone

Another is in pursuit of her own dreams: to become a lawyer.
from grace ann's phone
And I? I’m still a free lancer as always.

Well, we’ve been following different paths since we’ve known each other.  

Instead of breaking us apart, these paths remind us that when we feel discouraged, we just have to turn around and see each other working our way to the top and we’ll be motivated to pursue our dreams.


on blogging

Its too late for resolutions now but I did promise myself (witnessed by quite a number of people) that I will update my blog as often as I can. And to avoid breaking it, I posted pictures (since as they say, a picture paints a thousand words)a lousy excuse actually.  But I hope I can keep this since Im always online and I do use my pc as soon as I get home.

Also, I think I need to modify that goal since I can post pictures every time I feel lazy in writing long blog posts. However, I dont feel like posting the changes here, otherwise people will judge me (if they care and dare).

Lastly, since Im pretty lazy again, Im posting this picture (my picture.vain vain vain). Well its only once in a blue moon people can see me wearing pink so I guess its worth postinghehe.


the hands of the person who continuously supports me.

It's now high time for me to support you, DUO
Giving or sharing depends on the discretion of the giver. This is why I never thought sharing can be a big issue...

...until now.