so many questions

What does he see

what do I see

Why can't he shave his goatee off

why can't I let it be

Why do I always wear my hair down

why does he make an issue out of it

Do we have large noses

are his eyes more beautiful than mine

will we be having a more serious photo than this

so many questions yet the answers are so few.

I am reminded of side-A's song and I guess it will keep playing in my head for quite some time. a little bit of "head over feet" or "collide" somewhere. 


the clown

Time is too short for us. Sometimes everything is clear. Sometimes it's a puzzle.
And just because I don't like being confused...
I am taking a break...
and start being a half-masked clown again. peace. hahah


so much for june

add ons (they give my life a certain twist):

new workplace

new team

new family

new perspective

new relationship