Vengeance is Sweet

"You can't understand me because you are JUST a teacher." -_____

Now I know why students don't respect their teachers anymore. Their parents have taught them to. I guess we should have a break from teaching students and start sending parents to school again. hehehe 


On Using Poems to Develop Productive Skills

I found this article from the literature category of www.teachingenglish.org.uk. It exemplifies how teachers can use poems as a springboard of their day's lessons.
After reading the article, I have come to realized some reasons that students have very shallow appreciation and interpretation of literature. Teachers themselves who are supposed to encourage students to study literary texts only use them to teach "more important" subjects and consider the entire process as teaching literature.

Since my Undergraduate Degree is teaching English and my Masters is Literature, I have conflicting perspectives on this article. Being a language teacher, I agree that Poetries are authentic texts. They are pretty short and accessible. Some short poetries are easy enough for students to read. Because of internet, looking for extremely short poetries is easier. However, not all poetries can serve the same purpose any time. One example is the very short Haiku. According to our class, before teachers can discuss Haiku, they should discuss Japanese ideologies first. The authenticity of the Haikus can also be questioned as they have already been translated from Japanese to English. Haikus may be easy to read but very difficult to interpret. They may be short but that does not mean they possess the same grammatical structure as how we use English in conversations. Another point to consider is not all students enjoy reading poetries. Some may even find them boring as their content is not literally manifested just like in short stories or novels. It will be very difficult to use them as tools to teach English grammar or even productive skills when the students aren’t even motivated to study poetry yet.

As a Literature Major, I appreciate how we can expose learners to Literature when we use poems for our motivational activities. However, this exposure, I think,  is not sufficient to encourage students to  have a deeper understanding of the text, and go look for more literary pieces on their own. For several years, Language teachers have used Literature only as a tool to deliver their subjects well and have forsaken the interpretation of the masterpieces. What is worse is they label this teaching as teaching of literature. As a result, students become disinterested in reading because they already anticipate the grammar rules that will follow. Little exposure then means little interpretation and even less appreciation.

Even though the objective of the article is only to teach productive skills and even though it claims that one does not need to be a literature expert to use poems in the classroom, I still believe that it takes a good Literature teacher to deliver a great lesson using poetry. One cannot give what he doesn't have. Maybe this is the reason students only study literature for its grammatical components because their teachers can only do so much.


$#!+ Happens

In our last faculty meeting last Oct 04, our HR gave us pieces of paper. Apparently these papers made or broke us this semester as they contain the comments and suggestions our anonymous student respondents gave us. Guess my reaction when I received mine.


Plain and Simple

I'm fond of makeup. I think I am already at the point of my life when I see the necessity of putting makeup on particularly when I go to work and go out with my boyfriend. There are times however that I find it difficult to decide whether I should or not. One instance is going to Philippine Normal University for my Masters. Should I try to look more mature or should I just look simple? Another is hanging out with my friends. Should I start impressing them or should I just look like the way I normally do?

with the slightest hint of makeup on

I am only thankful that I look great even without makeup...but a little enhancement does great things, you know...


15th months and going

There is no such thing as a Perfect Boyfriend, nor Perfect Girlfriend, only a Perfectly Harmonious Relationship (or almost hehe). Happy 15th month, Russell Q. Adriano.
we're such a dork

project qn project

let's go for another year, and another and another and....


Bourne Legacy

Russ, Jec, Gerard

Flavors of China
SM The Block
Didn't like the show that much




A friend told me I was right to go for what I wanted.

Another told me that I was stupid. I should have stuck to my pride.

Whatever it is, I am happy with my decision.

Who is to say what is good for someone else? Who says that everything works in the same way they experienced it?

Isn't it better to go for what you want as long as it makes you happy?

All I knew back then was I was sad when he was gone and so I wanted him near. There is nothing wrong in getting what I want as long as I deserve it. I deserve him and he deserves me.

As long as I want him, the whole universe will conspire to make us one. And I will see to it that it'll happen.


State of Euphoria

It was the first time we went to see a movie together, just the two of us. Real Steel, Hunger Games, and Avengers, we saw them all with kins and friends but The Dark Knight Rises? We were on our own. It was just about time. It has been a year since we got in this relationship and it was only then that we got to see a movie.

I guess the timing was just right that it was a Batman movie. He is the Joker, I am his Harley and what better movie was there to watch but his archenemy's?

The movie was great and all but I was preoccupied with his presence. He was just inches away from me. He gingerly held my hand and sometimes kissed it. There were some scenes that I caught him looking at me instead of the screen. But of course, there were also times it was the other way around. He looked happy...

After feasting our eyes on black suits and capes, we wanted to fill our stomachs with something we haven't tried before. The original plan was Army Navy, Brothers Burgers or Wham Burger. He had a craving then for burgers. After seeing the movie though, he wanted to have rice. We looked at Bon Chon's menu but since i could not find anything extraordinary there, I suggested looking for something else. We ended up having our dinner in Teriyaki Boy.

After that he accompanied me to the cab terminal and we parted ways like what we used to. I was already in the cab when he remembered that he was supposed to get his ankle support from me which we bought in Toby's earlier that day. He went back to the terminal but my cab had already started moving. We resolved the problem by agreeing to see each other on Tuesday.

Come to think of it, it had been a normal day, a normal date but I loved the day and I love the man I was with. I was happy. I still am.

I don't know how long it is going to last but I'm going to cherish each moment I am with him so I won't have any regrets.


On Hollander's "Teach the Books, Touch the Heart"

From time to time, teachers feel the need to exert more effort in ensuring students' learning. A part of us believe that our success in teaching is measured not only through our students' scores but their lives. Our highest goal becomes making them apply what they learn from Literature to their daily lives because Literature is the study of life. However, this application of learning seem impossible to measure.
In her article Teach the Books, Touch the Heart, published in New York Times, Claire Hollander discusses the ambiguity of assessing students' literary aptitude through objective types of tests.
She summarizes this ambiguity in three points:
1. reading classic literature does not guarantee high scores in national exams
2. appreciation of literary materials needs reliable assessment
3. assessing students' literariness cannot be done through objective tests.
She concludes her article by pointing out that school administrators need to have “extensive written examinations”. This, in the Philippine setting, is not plausible.
I agree that we have to measure our students' learning in different ways apart from multiple choice examinations. I also agree that learners have various ways of interpreting texts and this may be measured by essays. However, essays are not at all reliable. It is considered to be the most subjective among all the tests.
There are so many things to consider in administering essays to students. Among them are the freedom of students to choose their literary texts, the partiality of the instructor toward the subject, and the number of texts a student has to read and analyze, and thus the number of essays teachers have to check within a grading period.
            What the author wants to promote is too idealistic. In the Philippines, teachers have to handle several classes, each of which has 40 + students. Let us say, there are at least three reading tasks, and each task is to be assessed through an essay, that will mean 120 essays in one class for one term. If a teacher has 4 classes in a term, that will be 480 essays to read with varied lengths. A teacher does not only read essays in a semester. He or she has to make other tests, read more books, organize more lessons, etc. With barely five months, how can he or she juggle his/her responsibilities with checking written examinations? Moreover, how can the teacher prove fairness in judging the exams when exhaustion and biases hover in the process even with rubrics at hand? Loving Literature is not tantamount to loving writing. Not everyone likes to write particularly as a requirement. Not everyone can write magnificently.
There is also an issue of grammar.
Ms Hollander writes from a point of view of a Literature teacher handling only a handful of students. Her ideas are idealistic and they drive us back to our original objective of making students learn and love literature and not only pass standardized exams. However, in reality, true appreciation of literature is exhibited in different forms that are difficult to assess. One thing that makes testing easier is the presence of objective exams.


On Teaching Literature (I. Cruz) and Teaching Classic Literature Classically (A. Kurn)

In his article, Teaching Classic Literature Classically, Andrew Kurn summarizes the classical process of teaching in four stages: clarifying the purpose, deliberating materials, reading contemplatively, and teaching intentionally.
Kurn believes that the ultimate purpose of a literature teacher is to cultivate wisdom and virtue and I acknowledge this. The other stages however have triggered numerous questions and reactions in my mind.
Kurn says that teachers must select books with ‘virtues to imitate.’ I don’t exactly agree on this as I think that the preference of materials must reflect the purpose of teaching. If the purpose is to magnify beauty and goodness, then choose works with heroes and their extraordinarily good deeds. If the goal is to open the learners' minds to reality, choose pieces that don’t hold bars. As teachers, we often want students to learn morals from texts but we have to remember that many great literary pieces were not written with the same purpose. We cannot assume and we must not teach students to assume that writers always want to instill lessons in their works.
Kurn continues that educators can choose between didactic (contemplating models) and Socrates (exploring opinions) approaches, both of which are done inside the four corners of the classroom. This raises another question: if we are teaching our students about the study of life, why are we boxing their literary lives in the classroom?
Students respond to technology. They are more likely to read Facebook status and ‘like’ Instagram photos rather than listen to ala-Socrates teachers sharing knowledge in masterpieces of the past. They are more into seeing movie versions of the great novels rather than read the book themselves. How are teachers going to cope up with this budding need to be educated and entertained at the same time?
I have expected the article to enlighten me on making classic literature less boring for learners, given the advance technological age that we are in. However, it sticks to the traditional way of teaching literature as it has promised in its title Teaching Classic Literature Classically the last word now reads as ‘conventionally’. In this Digital Age, when telephone companies and gadget manufacturers release new phones, computers, softwares, and applications every week, and even a five-year-old kid knows how to use iPad, Kurn’s idea of teaching Classic Literature the classic way seems remotely outdated.
Apart from having classic books downloadable as ebooks in iPhone, how else can classic literature invade our learners’ lives?
 “The world has changed, the world is changing, the world will change. The more things change, the more they stay the same.”
Isagani Cruz explains this in his article, Teaching Literature in The Philippine Star. Since the teaching of literature is a very old specialization, instead of trying to come up with ‘new’ techniques, educators can improve old techniques that are uploaded in the World Wide Web. What he does in his lectures is not very far from what Kurn has mentioned in his article. Cruz has come up with his own class paradigm called FREE (Feeding the text, Reading the text, Enhancing the text, and Enjoying the text). He improves the ‘classic’ teaching by showing different videos in class. He also divides the time allotted for Socrates-discussion so learners will have enough time to discuss their opinions in class, the author can ‘talk’ through the texts, and leaves 10 % of his time for discussion. Most importantly, he emphasizes that ‘good literature teachers always relate a literary text, no matter how old or foreign, to today’s newspaper headlines.’
Students can be asked to ‘tweet’ significant lines from novels. They can be asked to blog about their reactions on poetries. They can be asked to show photos that capture themes of short stories.
Literature is a study of life. Educators must not only aim to successfully deliver their literary lessons to students. Their goal must be to let Literature influence the lives of the learners. As Victor Ordoñez said, “We cannot equip the youth of the future with the tools of the past.” The classic way of teaching is not totally bad but it needs enhancement. If educators won’t be updated with the latest trends in teaching Literature, students won’t find time to squeeze in ‘boring’ classics in their fast paced, technology-packed, highly interactive lives even when their gadgets are practically full of Classic Literature ebooks.


Savoring the Pain of Heartbreak

“I’m smiling but I’m dying, trying not to drag my feet…” The Script, Nothing

I was one of the Masters of Ceremony in our school assembly. I also needed to manage the WCC Music Club. I tried not to look stressed. I tried not thinking about it. In the deepest recesses of my heart, I knew I couldn’t.

How could I easily break a one-year habit of texting him ‘good morning’? How could I keep myself from wishing him goodnight when it used to be a routine? How could I suddenly cut ties with a person I fell so deeply in love with?

How could he do so much without me?

I even wore a pink dress today…

I tried to smile…

I tried to be happy…

I tried to shrug it off…

But the pain kept on haunting me. The toughest ones came at night when I had to think of how to get through another day without him.

It was hard to breathe.

I only had sleep to numb me and my dreams to keep me from falling apart. If I could, I would stay in those dreams where I could cuddle in his arms and forget everything but him. But I know those dreams could only prepare me for an even tougher pain that the next day has to offer. Nothing more.

I will only have to keep on smiling until I die inside.



One week after our anniversary
A week before my birthday
He got tired.

He did not want to see me.
He did not want to receive any message from me.
He wanted space.

He wanted to move on.
He did not feel the same and he was trying to figure things out.
The problem was he did not ask how I felt.

And that’s when it hurt.

Because that meant he didn’t care anymore.


scifi lovin

This first half of 2012, I have been inlove with Science-Fiction, not as a replacement to my hunk-of-a-boyfriend but as a way to get back to my passion, reading, and thus setting myself right on track to my goal of reading 24 books this year. I have started by reading Assimov's I, Robot, rereading to Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park  and The Lost World*, and venturing into Shelley's Frankenstein.

Unlike my mom who seems to have grown a dislike on science-fiction, calling them out of this world which is not entirely wrong, I have developed this taste on movies, and books that integrade literature and technology. It is fascinating to watch or read something that tickles the imagination and it is even more fascinating to witness them come to life.

In I, Robot, robots help human kind fix problems in the outer space. Some of them nurse children. In Japan, there is a robot that can take orders and serve sushi. There are 'android' phones worldwide that are starting to replace our old source of entertainment. In my very own country, the Philippines, high schoolers have developed a robot that can segregate spoiled meat from a good one.
Powerful computers help recreate dinosaurs in Michael Crichton's famous works. As of this moment, some scientists mix dna to come up with a different creature. They have dicovered how to cure some cancer and created supplements that can somehow lengthen our lifespan.

I have yet to discover what real inventions are included in the genius of Frankenstein aside from the well known fact that a scientist has made a monster which has pervaded our modern horror stories. One thing I am sure of is I don't want to witness that happening.
As I read these sci-fi novels, my heart beats with anticipation, my brain cells buzz around millions of what-ifs and I feel this thrill if not exhiliration that I can vicariously be part of the world's advancement or destruction.

*Both books do not count since I have only reread them.


The Thin Line That I Crossed

Sometimes, when we get over familiar with someone, we forget our limitations and we say things we ought not to say.
That is the exact thing I committed this week. I accidentally got into Syme's nerves without meaning to. He was kind enough to point it out to me. I was actually taken aback because for the first time, someone reacted against my bullying. I just had to be honest. I did not know how to react to that.

I thought of how I could keep on joking with him without jeopardizing our friendship. It was a challenge because we established our friendship through jokes. Not throwing witty lines at one another would be awkward and would worsen the situation rather than improve it.

I did not have to go through the pains of being awkward. Syme was too kind. He did not let me wallow in my guilt. He said, he was ok, that he was just letting me know what he felt and he did not mean for me to do anything about it. Of course, it was tempting to forget and pretend that everything did not happen. It was not the case for me. I considered it a debt that I got off the hook so easily. Yep. It's a debt all right-a debt that is hard for me to pay.


Karma of a Lone Lonely Loner

Last Friday, I did not go to work due to a respiratory problem. A day before that, I already found it difficult to breathe. Whenever I did, I felt a sharp pain traveling down my chest. It was not a good feeling. It was as if somebody was trying to cut my chest vertically from the inside. I could not even swallow food well.

It was as if it was a sin to breathe.

The day after, I did not go to work and decided to give my self a well earned rest.

This week Friday, my Co-Enrollment Advisers are absent. Syme, Ms. A, Sir Bien. If in our lineup last week I was the only one absent, this week , I am the only one present. Sir Bien has to meet his father, Ms A needs to follow up her thesis in her Masters, and Syme...well, I do not know where he is because up until this moment, I am not receiving his messages although I have sent a couple already asking for his whereabouts. I have a feeling that he went with Ms A to help her with her experiment.

I am on my lonesome. I don't have someone to talk with. All I can see are empty stations, the three desktop computers are all staring blankly at me. If that's not enough, the desktop that I am using mocks me of the things that I have to finish...alone.

I reckon this is pay-back time for being absent last Friday.

It somehow strengthens my missing Russ. By the way, he's coming back this evening. Oh God, I can't wait for him to come back safe and sound. What's more is I can't wait to see him for tomorrow's movie watching.

[update: Syme has texted me saying that this is my time to have a heart to heart talk with ______.]

[more updates: I have taken photos of the workplace and myself... I think I will edit the photos first before posting them here.]


On a Jetplane II

It is our 10th month.

It would not have mattered had he stayed in Manila. We don't usually celebrate monthsaries anyway. When we do, we have post or pre monthsary celebration

What made this day different is he is in Cagayan , working. It is the first time we spent our day too far from one another. I cannot go to him when I miss him. He cannot console me with a hug when I have my petty whims.

I know it should not be a big deal.

It is not a big deal because when comes back we will see Avengers with our friends.

The day has gone well. I was not in the airport to send him off but he updated me of his whereabouts through texts. He even called to assure me he would be all right.

As I am typing this entry, he is fixing computers for GMA Network-Cagayan. He is having a good time and I am having my own share of happiness.

Still, this day would have been better.

Happy 10th monthsary, Joe Kerr.


on a jetplane

Last Saturday, Russ got injured in a ball game. It was a tough basketball fight since his team was aiming for straight wins. They did win three times in a row. In the last game, Russ slipped and landed on the wrong side of his foot. It looked like he sacrificed it for  that very important third game.

This Thursday, he is going to fly to Cagayan and I am worried. So worried. He has recuperated, I know, since it has been four days since the accident but I can't help it.

Aside from that...

I do not want him to go.

Yes, it is part of his job. I know it is only for a day. I actually keep telling this to myself.


There are so many things that can happen within a day and as of this moment I can only think of the what-ifs.

Hadn't he injured his foot, I would be worrying less but he did, so I am like this.

The person who is nervous is not the guy who will be having his first airplane ride. It is I who will be waiting for his return.

I am already missing my Chipmunk.



Hey, you guys. I know I have been gone for a very long while and I think by now some of you have lost interest in my blog since I am not updating so often. I owe you an apology so...


Even though it is summer I still do a lot of things in school being an Enrollment Adviser/ Module Writer/ Curriculum Developer and all. I also have the time to write.

What I don't have are two things: first is a good internet connection at home, and secondly, the drive.

I don't have any reason to bring my netbook to school (which by the way is a haven of free wifi connection) since I use a trusty desktop there to write my module with but it doesn't have an access to the internet. I also save my money for more important things than the load of my broadband. Therefore, no matter how much I write and how many blog entries I have produced, I cannot publish them whenever I want. As you may have noticed I have just recently published my blog about Hunger Games although I have written it last month.

As regards the drive, there are so many topics to write about this summer and I have participated in several activities that I want to put them in my blog. However, the heat of the season makes me feel so lazy and I end up writing about something else or not writing at all.

I will try my very best to update as often as I can. I know the only way to do that is to sacrifice my USB and connect it to different ports (goodness gracious, my usb is becoming a whore). Good thing my boyfriend is an IT. He gives an additional feeling of security.

I will be posting the blogs I have meant to post this April in their respective schedule and hopefully I will be able to write on time after,

Ja ne

By the way while you're at it, check out my new fanfiction in fanfiction.net under Prince of Tennis: 


hot summer somber days

It's freaking hot in the Philippines right now that I want to be somewhere else...

I don't have my salary yet. It has been four days already. I cannot use the freaking internet because I don't have my salary. I don't have blog entries for the last two weeks of March and even if I did, I wouldn't  be able to publish it anyway.

I have been busy computing the grades of my students, and getting myself cleared and, recently, making the module for the first semester. My mind has also become busy conjuring half-baked fanfictions. Still, a part of me is busy reflecting what things have gone wrong.

The weather isn't helping me one bit. I am not one with those who rejoice because it is summer and they can enjoy the beach and all.  Summer afterall is a season that can figuratively brighten and lighten up anybody. Since I am not just anybody, I do not share this ideology. Summer tans and darkens everyone- that I agree.

When I get my salary, one of the things I will buy is a fan. Then, I can half-enjoy summer, soaking up in its paradox.


EpFour: Hungry for Hunger Games?

Monday, March 26, 2012
8:04 PM

Last Saturday, in celebration of completing my requirements for the semester, I went out with my EpFour friends to see the famous Hunger Games. It was Maria's idea as she loves the novel. Also it had been awhile since we saw a movie in the cinemas. As with the other girls, it took us three months before we finally hung out. Hunger Games was the best reason to meet.

It was raining cats and dogs then. In fact, I was drenched from my knees down as if the umbrella did not help me much. My new bag was even wet (which reminds me that I haven't written anything about the bag that Russell gave me).  Naturally, the rain did not purposely bathe me alone so everyone was affected. There was heavy traffic and everybody's mood was foul.

It was great that we did not let it stop us from getting together.

We tried booking seats in Trinoma's cinemas but since Hunger Games had just been shown for two days, a lot of people were still into it. Not to mention it was a Saturday and the start of the vacation for many. It was not at all surprising that it was fully booked. We transferred to SM North Edsa and finally got tickets in Cinema 3 of The Block.

While waiting for Russ and Gerard to come, we ate in Flavors of China. We got to know Dennis and his touch-screen Blackberry. We talked about Sheldon and Leonard and the BIGBANG (not the Korean one).

Few minutes to the scheduled filming, we rushed to Cinema 3 and got our seats without Russ and Gerard. It was a good thing there was initial reservation so we did not have any problem for the late-comers' seats. It did not take them long to come anyway so it was okay.

Since I did not have any clue as to what the story was about I found the movie quite good as opposed to what Maria thought about it. All of us found Lenny Kravitz and the colorful lady interesting. We all laughed at the expression " That's mahogany!" Like me, Jaina found the movie quite nice. Mae vowed to watch Battle Royal--a movie Maria had been endorsing to us even before the Hunger Games fandom. Maria, well, she would just wait for the next installment if it would get any better according to her standards. On the other hand, the boys did not make an effort in expressing their dissatisfaction. Russ said it was good for DVDs but not really for cinemas. We really had different reactions as regards the film.

What we thought of the movie was nothing compared to the experience we had. It was the first time EpFour saw a movie together, the first time I actually brought my boyfriend with me in a cinema with my girlfriends. It was overwhelming.


To Cordozar, hey dude. Next time it is going to be pro bono.

To Dennis, nice meeting you.

To Russell, we'll be having more movie watching to do, Pa.

To the EpFour, let us toast for another activity we have accomplished together.

"May the odds be ever in your favor."


Top Ear Candies: March 2012

I have stopped posting my Top Ten Ear Candies because somebody has been copying it, format and all. However, I have been re-inspired by the songs that I listen to in the radio nowadays so I guess it is time to bring it back.
10. In Your Arms- Kina Grannis- I love the jelly beans, and the rain. So I like this song… is that enough?
9. Push-Avril Lavine- I used to like her so much but I reckon this song does not suit her. I don’t mean to say it is bad because if it were, it would not have made it to my list. All I want to say is she has better songs and this is not one of them.
8. Give Your Heart a Break-Demi Lovato – I am not a fan of her. I actually did not know that she was the same person who sang “This is MEEEEEE” in Camp Rock. The voice is different. Anyway, what I like in this song is its play of words on the word ‘break.’ It is quite intellectual and creative. Nevertheless, the song is about a girl who tries to prove herself to the guy…wait. Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?
7. Airplanes- B.O.B. – What I like about this song is the chorus part. Creative use of the language. It is about time that composers learn how to write poetries.
6. You Can Count on Me- Default – still in my playlist despite it not being current. It says a lot.
5. Somewhere in the Middle- Dishwalla - There is something about this song that makes me think that people do think clearer when they drink.
4. Stronger- Kelly Clarkson - This reminds of the other hey-I-am-not-the-loser-you-thought-I-was songs I have listened to way back 90s including Cher’s Strong Enough, Britney’s Stronger and Avril’s My Happy Ending. Kelly can give them a run for their money with her trio Behind These Hazel Eyes, Stronger, and Since You’ve Been Gone.
3. The One That Got Away- Katy Perry - I am starting to think that 2012 is for artists who can really compose and sing. This song has a nice groove to it, thanks to Katy’s voice and the lyrics is not something you will see in your daily newspaper. Great.
2. Drive by- Train - Train has always been in my playlist ever since their Drops of Jupiter days. It is no wonder this song is in my top ten. It is about time.
1. Not Over You- Gavin Degraw- I recommended this song to Syme yesterday and he has started loving it. At last we have songs about heartaches and heartbreaks that are not too angsty and bitter.
As you may have noticed, I do not have any Kpop song in my list anymore. I have stopped listening to new Kpop songs since GD of Bigbang admitted using drugs. I thought it is time to go back listening to music that I understand. I started listening to the radio once more for two purposes. One is to be updated. I have approximately 700 songs in my playlist but they are not the currently famous ones. More of, they are my favorite songs of all time. The second reason is to develop my listening and speaking skills. There are good disc jocks in the radio station I listen to every morning so I am quite inspired.

Given that I am a moody blogger, not to mention a very busy human being, I am not sure if  can post my ear candies daily and I guess that would be pretty boring. A weekly list tend to be repetitive. What I can promise is a monthly update of my Top Ear Candies.

What say you?



no make-up on

there goes the eyeliner

blusher and lipstain





It's the last week of the semester and it is natural for students to feel the excitement for summer vacation and anxiety for their last requirements. Teachers, particularly those who are through with their lectures and two-thirds of the grades, on the otherhand are more relaxed.

That is the reason I kept telling myself as I am guilty of sleeping in the faculty room for hours.

I do not know what got me but I was really sleepy. I could hardly open my eyes to talk with my coteachers. I did not pay attention to what was happening around me. All I wanted was to sleep and sleep I did.

I had a tete-a-tete with Mr. Slumber for two hours. I woke just in time to prepare for my next class. I knew I slept in the middle of recording quizzes. I had nothing to worry about because my other classes were working their butts off in rehearsing for the final presentations. When I woke up, I only had to prepare coffee for myself and wait for my next class.

I don't think the power nap did anything good to me. Instead of refreshing me, it made me all the more sleepy. It made me miss the house, the comfortable bed, the pillows, the blanket...

Zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz  



Russell planned our Sunday date for the first time. We had arguments the night before and other nights before that about small matters and he had decided to seal these complications with one date. He had exchanged schedules just so we could spend this Sunday together. Sweet.

As usual, we met in SM North but unlike the other times, he accompanied me to the shops I had been wanting to visit. He tried not to look like he was being forced to visit a lion's den and instead he looked interested in the things I wanted. We checked stuffed toys shops because he had planned to buy me a Pikachu but I refused since it can wait. We were in a rather tight budget nowadays and I would not be happy having a stuffed toy despite knowing that my boyfriend was stretching his food allowance.

We stayed longer in SM North as we savored green mangoes in Sky Garden. It was the first time that we talked in that area. It was a nice change from the airconditioned shops. While basking in the setting sun and feeling the fresh breeze on our faces, we talked about our argument and how we could make our relationship better.

After that, we jumped to Trinoma to belt our voices out in Timezone. We sang alternative songs and we competed for the top scores. I got two perfect scores and he got one out of 8-9 songs that we sang. Hah! Midway in our singing competition, I got conscious because the number of people waiting to get in the Music Zone increased. He shooed my worries away when he reminded me of how long we had waited for our chance. Without anxiousness left, I continued searching for songs.

We rewarded ourselves with humble food for dinner. We went to Paotsin in Trinoma Foodcourt and ate dumplings. Yum! We reminisced the first dates that we had. He corrected some of the details that I could remember and I corrected his. I told him, my mom likes him a lot and he told me that it was good since it was a part of his well-structured plan: to  woo the people around the girl before he gets the amore of the girl. The night before, he had told my mother through chat how much he loved me…but that’s another story.

Our date would not be complete without our usual coffee. We bought two venti-cups of coffee from Starbucks and we sat near the fountains of Trinoma.

There were so many things to talk about in that tranquil garden-like area. He conveyed his thoughts about my behavior and how it affects us. I told him things that I try to change in me. He shared his plans for his Wasart business and I told him he could expect my support. We also took note of the things we would like to do this summer and he suddenly remembered that we won’t be meeting this week until Sunday. He rejected that idea and he said that he would find a way for us to meet before Sunday, and he found it. We finally managed to get our schedules right so we can see each other on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As he walked me to the van terminal, I thought of why I love him--the fact that he may look indifferent and laid back in our relationship and yet he remains to have a stronger faith. I wondered how long he would puHe seemed to have read my thoughts because he said we would never be apart as long as we both mature in our relationship.

With his goodbye hug and kiss, the only word I can think of is Sweet.