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This first half of 2012, I have been inlove with Science-Fiction, not as a replacement to my hunk-of-a-boyfriend but as a way to get back to my passion, reading, and thus setting myself right on track to my goal of reading 24 books this year. I have started by reading Assimov's I, Robot, rereading to Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park  and The Lost World*, and venturing into Shelley's Frankenstein.

Unlike my mom who seems to have grown a dislike on science-fiction, calling them out of this world which is not entirely wrong, I have developed this taste on movies, and books that integrade literature and technology. It is fascinating to watch or read something that tickles the imagination and it is even more fascinating to witness them come to life.

In I, Robot, robots help human kind fix problems in the outer space. Some of them nurse children. In Japan, there is a robot that can take orders and serve sushi. There are 'android' phones worldwide that are starting to replace our old source of entertainment. In my very own country, the Philippines, high schoolers have developed a robot that can segregate spoiled meat from a good one.
Powerful computers help recreate dinosaurs in Michael Crichton's famous works. As of this moment, some scientists mix dna to come up with a different creature. They have dicovered how to cure some cancer and created supplements that can somehow lengthen our lifespan.

I have yet to discover what real inventions are included in the genius of Frankenstein aside from the well known fact that a scientist has made a monster which has pervaded our modern horror stories. One thing I am sure of is I don't want to witness that happening.
As I read these sci-fi novels, my heart beats with anticipation, my brain cells buzz around millions of what-ifs and I feel this thrill if not exhiliration that I can vicariously be part of the world's advancement or destruction.

*Both books do not count since I have only reread them.

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