On Noynoy's Polad

COMELEC turns a blind eye upon infomercials of politicians. The government organization doesn’t consider these ads as a form of political campaign because they are not aired in the campaign period. “Technically,” they are not political campaign ads. Nada. With that we see a big hole in our electoral code. And our dear politicians abusively work this hole to their advantage.

It could have been better if Noynoy had not released a polad to say his visions and promises. It could have been better if he had stoped with his jingle sang by Regine Velasquez and participated by various artists from Kapuso and Kapamilya stations. Why? His recent polad tied him up with his adversaries. And that’s bad.

For me, Noynoy’s commercial is a pathetic response to Villar’s farce campaigns. It is just an attempt to recapture the nation’s ardore. It serves as a mere assurance that he is not left behind in surveys or in the election.

He doesn’t even sound sincere to me. He sounds like any veteran politician promising a wonderful future without poverty and corruption. What is worse is he includes his parents in his advertisement. All I can say is no matter what his parents did doesn’t guarantee what he can do for the Philippines.

But hey, I’m not totally against him. I am only disappointed when I saw that he doesn’t have any difference from the other politicians so hungry for power they underestimate the knowledge of the masses that they are supposed to serve. Somehow it is discomforting to know that someone whom you are willing to trust your four years of governance cannot be trusted with a small thing such as political campaign.



I was asked to reedit some graduation messages. While reading the almost tear jerking notes of the unknown graduating batch, (unknown since I knew none of them—at least the students whose messages I reedited), I felt how unlucky I was not to have a high school year book and not to write a message for my college classmates.

The preparations for my high school graduation included basking in the sun for hours, singing outdated tunes, bowing to faceless bougainvilleas, and marching to the beat of the almost synchronized beat drums. Yearbook? Nah. It was just an additional preparation, an additional pocket driller. And I bet nobody from my class was cheesy enough to suck the idea. Nobody aside from me.

I was luckier when I got to college—we had. A decent one actually. I have to be biased since my friend was the editor of the yearbook. And I helped in editing some of the parts of the black and silver hard-bound keeper of memories. I wasn’t as excited about it as I would have been if all of us were to give our messages. I knew back then that it was impossible since it was hard enough to edit the yearbook with only the names, achievements, addresses, and life-quotes. What more if everyone would put in a 2-3-sentence message?

After finishing the editing of those messages I thought that it was for the best. After all I couldn’t imagine myself reading those cheesy messages. I couldn’t even think of what to write to begin with. Lastly, my sincerity in dealing with my classmates couldn’t be measured by those 3 liner messages. I can still say I am unlucky for not experiencing the yearbook as how high school students are supposed to experience them. But it all ends to that.

early anticipation of birthday gift

Harry Potter is on the move and I am not daunted in any way whether or not eclipse will be shown in the same month. All I care about is to give myself a perfect birthday gift. And I’m going to get it, I know.

I am not thinking of splurging for my birthday. At the rate that I am spending money, any time this school year I will be bankrupt sometime in April. What I thought of giving myself is watching HP7 with someone dear to me.

When I was in third year college, I watched HP5 with Kenneth James dela Paz. It was just after my student teaching in Caloocan science High School when I decided to watch the film and I intended to watch it alone. Then I received a text message from Neko asking me if I wanted to watch HP. As far as I can remember he didn’t know it was birthday.

In the showing of HP6, I had series of mental and cardiac problems. Therefore, I don’t have any idea, yep, until now, what the movie is like—not that I don’t know what it is all about. Also, I didn’t have somebody worthy enough to accompany me to the cinema. Last but not the least, it wasn’t my birthday when it was shown.

I couldn’t show my happiness when my co-teacher told me yesterday that the first installment of HP7 is going to be shown this July. What luck?—or fate? Hehe. Learning this I immediately texted the one I trust so much and asked if i will be given a perfect gift for my birthday. I’m still waiting for his answer. Well, I can’t blame him. July is still a long way. I should not expect him to give me a “yes or no” in snap.

But since I saw that episode in the tagalized version of full house, I couldn’t help envying Jessie for receiving gifts on her birthday. Argh. I wish I could pull the days. Huhu..and another wish: he’ll be my birth day gift.