early anticipation of birthday gift

Harry Potter is on the move and I am not daunted in any way whether or not eclipse will be shown in the same month. All I care about is to give myself a perfect birthday gift. And I’m going to get it, I know.

I am not thinking of splurging for my birthday. At the rate that I am spending money, any time this school year I will be bankrupt sometime in April. What I thought of giving myself is watching HP7 with someone dear to me.

When I was in third year college, I watched HP5 with Kenneth James dela Paz. It was just after my student teaching in Caloocan science High School when I decided to watch the film and I intended to watch it alone. Then I received a text message from Neko asking me if I wanted to watch HP. As far as I can remember he didn’t know it was birthday.

In the showing of HP6, I had series of mental and cardiac problems. Therefore, I don’t have any idea, yep, until now, what the movie is like—not that I don’t know what it is all about. Also, I didn’t have somebody worthy enough to accompany me to the cinema. Last but not the least, it wasn’t my birthday when it was shown.

I couldn’t show my happiness when my co-teacher told me yesterday that the first installment of HP7 is going to be shown this July. What luck?—or fate? Hehe. Learning this I immediately texted the one I trust so much and asked if i will be given a perfect gift for my birthday. I’m still waiting for his answer. Well, I can’t blame him. July is still a long way. I should not expect him to give me a “yes or no” in snap.

But since I saw that episode in the tagalized version of full house, I couldn’t help envying Jessie for receiving gifts on her birthday. Argh. I wish I could pull the days. Huhu..and another wish: he’ll be my birth day gift.

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