On Noynoy's Polad

COMELEC turns a blind eye upon infomercials of politicians. The government organization doesn’t consider these ads as a form of political campaign because they are not aired in the campaign period. “Technically,” they are not political campaign ads. Nada. With that we see a big hole in our electoral code. And our dear politicians abusively work this hole to their advantage.

It could have been better if Noynoy had not released a polad to say his visions and promises. It could have been better if he had stoped with his jingle sang by Regine Velasquez and participated by various artists from Kapuso and Kapamilya stations. Why? His recent polad tied him up with his adversaries. And that’s bad.

For me, Noynoy’s commercial is a pathetic response to Villar’s farce campaigns. It is just an attempt to recapture the nation’s ardore. It serves as a mere assurance that he is not left behind in surveys or in the election.

He doesn’t even sound sincere to me. He sounds like any veteran politician promising a wonderful future without poverty and corruption. What is worse is he includes his parents in his advertisement. All I can say is no matter what his parents did doesn’t guarantee what he can do for the Philippines.

But hey, I’m not totally against him. I am only disappointed when I saw that he doesn’t have any difference from the other politicians so hungry for power they underestimate the knowledge of the masses that they are supposed to serve. Somehow it is discomforting to know that someone whom you are willing to trust your four years of governance cannot be trusted with a small thing such as political campaign.

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