let criminals run for presidency

That guilty people freely roam around, show their perfect set of teeth on t.v., or run for elections irritates me. I am infuriated that this situation affects me more than those who are in position and are technically being insulted by these criminals. 

How come that justice is very slow when big people are involved and it is a nano-second action in the case of the civilians. It takes years to get an ostentatious politician in jail but it takes only a split second for a police to shoot a suspect--for crying out loud a suspect!-- to death.

One of the biggest issues right now is putting our former president in jail. Why is she given special treatment? 

Prison is one place people are treated equally. At least, that is what I want to believe in. Even innocent people are treated as criminals once in jail. Nobody is rich, nobody is superior. Everyone is guilty. She is guilty. To those who are after the due process, she isn't yet. Just yet. But for the masses, she has long been imprisoned. That is why she should not request for commodities that can make her life in prison more comfortable. A prison, whether or not it is in Veterans', is still a prison and not a hotel. 

I see two things there. Either she is beyond the "Nobody is rich, nobody is superior. Everyone is guilty" principle of jail and she knows it very well and we know it resentfully; or she is an absolute nobody and she wants to stay behind bars forever.

I do get the point that she is sick--neck/back pain, complications of this-that, I honestly won't be surprised if she's "diagnosed" of cancer-- but how many times have we heard those alibis and how many times have our justice system denied sick "criminals." If she is clamoring that it is a part of her rights and it is highly constitutional, then let the other sick criminals have more comfortable precincts because justice is and should be served equally.

She was the former president? Oh pleeeeaaaaaaaase. And so? That puts another meaning to it! How satirical could it be that a leader had paved the way not to success but to corruption of her nation. 

If that is the case then, let all criminals run for presidency.

one percent

Someone: Armo, can you play Neon tonight?

Armo: (bothered) Oh. Um, it's Yael you should talk with. I only go along with his plans. So... talk to Yael.

Someone: Alright, thanks. (walking toward Yael) Hey Yael, Yael. Can you please, please, play Neon.

Yael: Ah, yeah, we can play it but I think people would ... would fall asleep, you know, because, only about one percent of them knows the song--

Someone: And that one percent would be me (laughing).

Yael: (laughing) Right right. I like the song too. It's one of the songs we didn't actually release, and that's the problem, if we play it, they will--

Someone: Right, fall asleep. (walking away) That's ok...thanks.

That someone was me. Hehe.



 The school I am working for celebrated its 40th foundation day last week. Last Week. Week. Yep. It was a week-long celebration.

During the first two days, some teachers (I am one of them) had decided to call it a free week, and met their classes only to review, or give an announcement. Others used their time to fill in missed classes.

Just imagine a faculty room that used to be crowded and noisy only at lunch was suddenly full of teachers during class hours, updating each other with current events. A handful of teachers huddled in a corner sipping coffee or making grades. That was how "relaxed" we were. Our relaxation was short-lived however since we had to rehearse for the synergy of talents. We, meaning the admin, staff, professors and instructors of the school.


We had to compete against the other campuses of World Citi Colleges. Naturally, in any competition, there must be a unifying motif and ours was red. Since Caloocan campus had the most number of students we dominated the Marikina Sports Complex. It was a bloody stadium.
our students flooded the arena or half of it.
It was a Bloody stadium.

the shirt says it all

Miss A
the groovy admin and staff of WCC Caloocan

waiting for the concert to start
 The announcement of winners for that day officially started the events for the night. Unfortunately we didn't get the championship for Cheerdance. I was quite disappointed--no, I was really disappointed, shocked even that we didn't win. Our dancers had been in the competition early, they had even performed earlier than scheduled. They even had a smokin' hot instructor, Edsiey Manalo (pretty biased about this but Eds will remain the best dancer for me. hehe)

Simon and I could only look smug after knowing the results. Well, so much for the effort...as always, politics will play a huge role in institutions and organizations and yes I'll keep my mouth shut about that.
Join the Club, preparing for their set.

Sir Jomes, Miss A, Yael, moi, Armo
Sir Alvin told us we could go backstage and meet Spongecola. After having a photo taken with Yael, and Armo, I decided to go home.


We only rehearsed for our presentation on Friday. Also, I didn't take any photo of the rehearsals. I only remember being so early on that day, and being the lead singer of the choir. We were to perform Rent's "Season of Love" and Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up."


We still had to wear red. I didn't get the chance to take lots of pictures in the event because the battery of my camera phone had run low. Aside from that, I had to leave early. I was just fortunate that our part was presented early so I got home on time (which means I was able to keep my parents' and my boyfriend's curfew for me). All in all, it has been a good week-long celebration and I am glad I have become a part of it. Who knows when I will be able to join these activities again. Hehe.

something right

There are struggles in every job: stress, traffic, fatigue. It has been common to hear people say "there is no 'easy-work'!" Even the "easiest" job there is requires effort, and that in itself is not easy.

I have had my share of tribulations in my three years of working in different companies and institutions. I have learned tons from my experiences, and I am still learning how to overcome my shortcomings. There are moments that I have wanted to give-up-not only once have I handed in my resignation letter. There are also moments of triumph and I am glad to note that they are not rare.

One of these moments is best represented by this photo:

There may be no easy job but there is a sense of accomplishment that comes after every difficult task. Also, I think that the more difficult, more stressful the job is, the higher the sense of accomplishment I receive. 

I know I must be doing something right.*

taken from Westlife's "Something Right"


multicultural breakfast

Yesterday, due to unavoidable circumstances, I could not help but treat myself to a good breakfast. It was raining cats and dogs and I reckoned I had to make myself happy. At 9 am, I fixed my own meal (my mom went for a much needed sleep--fyi, she wakes up at 3:30 am to prepare for my father's arrival) consisting of black coffee, one cup rice and two hotdogs on top, and kimchi.

Yes, kimchi. My mom is an expert in making one now.

The rice bowl is Japanese; kimchi and chopsticks, Korean; rice is Asian;  the viand and coffee, western. Perfect.


Reading Goals and Resolution

Now that Shelfari has ceased being a boring "interactive" website and being just an online library, I am more encouraged to read. 

The website has a Reading Meter now depending on the goal that one sets. For example, my goal this year is to read 10 books (I saw the reading meter too late as in just last month). I have to update my Shelfari every now and then of what I have been reading and when I have finished any.

You might be wondering why I have only ready ten this year... I just cannot remember the other novels I have read and since I don't want to make a fool of myself enumerating the books that I have read years ago, I have only counted the ones I can remember.

My reading goal for next year will be 24 books. I hope I can accomplish it side by side my studies--I am continuing my Masters in summer. That will be hitting two birds with one stone, aye?


pillow and a good sleep

He's not supposed to be the one to give a gift. It was his birthday celebration yesterday after all. I still insisted. I do miss his hug every now and then. hehe.

I still have to look for that shirt though. He might not want anything for his birthday but I still want to give him something hehe.



Nagkataon lang siguro na mahilig akong maggitara at mahilig ka naman magbass. Nagkataon din na naghahanap ka ng kakanta sa banda mo, at naghahanap ako ng ibang mapaglilibangan. Nagkataon din marahil na parehas tayong  naghahanap ng matataguan.

Nagkataon na tamad ka at mautos ako na nagawa mo pang ihatid ako pagkatapos ng una nating pagkikita. Sinorpresa mo ako, siguro pati ang sarili mo. Pero sa mga panahon na yun hindi mo lang yun pinagtuunan ng pansin. Alam ko naman na hindi pa sumasagi sa isip mo ang tungkol dun.

Nagkataon na magsisimula na ako ng panibagong yugto ng aking buhay sa ibang  trabaho. Naroon ka para sumuporta.  Tapos ngayon kasama na kita.

Nagkataon din na pinanganak ka sa araw kasunod ng birthday ng mga lolo't lola ko. Ang galing din tumayming ni Lord. Kung kelan naman halos isumpa ko na ang November, dumating ka pa. Ayos.

Tapos ngayon birthday mo pa. Pinahirapan mo pa ako kasi nagkataong mahirap ka regaluhan samantalang nasurpresa mo na ako nung birthday ko. Pasaway ka talaga.

Ang daming nagkataon, no...pero hindi 'nagkataon' yung title nito. Kasi hindi na yung nagkataon yung tinitingnan ko. Ang nakikita ko na lang yung "ikaw" yung kasama ko sa maraming pagkakataon. Ikaw rin ang magiging kasama ko sa iba pang pagkakataon. Ikaw na rin an nagsabi na yun ang mahalaga.

Isa pa nga palang bagay na hindi lang nagkataon: mahal kita.


Thanks, Bobby P.

Last long weekend I conquered Pendragon 1 Merchant of Death. It was an accomplishment. I finished reading everything in less than 24 hours .

This definitely means I am back to my college days reading rate. Way back in the University, I could devour one book a day and back then, I did not sleep just to finish one.

Due to work loads and other engagements I wasn't able to catch up on my reading and from "one book a day" I went to one to two books a month .

Bobby Pendragon has saved me, thank heavens.

Reading plays a very important role in my life and this pace means so much to me. As an English teacher, I always have to update my "English" since I am not an American. Secondly, as a person, there are things I still don't know, there are concepts I haven't come across with and since I have decided to take up writing seriously, I have to broaden my horizon without buying a plane ticket. Not to mention I have boxes of unread books at home-- a perfect reason for me why I should have a faster reading rate.

This week I am not sure if I can still keep up but I'll do my best, I have to juggle reading with my responsibilities in school so if I cannot read a book a day, I should read one to two books a week.

I guess that is a good deal.


A person's value is measured by the ratio of how he sees himself and how others give importance to him. Sometimes, one part is bigger than the other which in both ways, if perceived extremely, is negative. If he gives too much importance in himself while his peers don't give him the "right" amount of attention he desires, he might find himself disappointed and consider his friends falling short his expectations.

If he doesn’t have much confidence in himself, his friends will try to give him the support he needs. This promise doesn't last, unfortunately because like any other person, friends get tired too, especially when the person they are trying to help cannot help himself nor showing any plan of helping himself.

Being a victim of this measurement, I have witnessed this a lot of times and I know my place in the categories I have given. I may have experienced this but I think I have mastered the knack of putting myself on the more advantageous side or looking like it. I have long accepted that people come and go--I do come and go as I please. I have seen people return in my life. I have also returned to some. I have made friends, I have had enemies. Antis, stalkers...name it. I have made a lot of people feel unimportant, I have done damages but these don’t  mean that I am invulnerable.

Friends I hold dear can hurt me more than they know, more than they should.  However, learning this rule that subtly governs any relationship, I have got used to it and mastered that I know one strategy to keep the tides on my side. What that strategy is, I won't divulge of course. One thing is "fosho" as G-dragon says it, when it comes to this, be it friend or foe, I won't be at the bottom of the food chain. There will be blood in the water.


Mine: past vs. present & future

In the span of our relationship, I have come to realize that putting my eyes on the past will do nothing but leave me in bitterness and anguish. Both of us have memories that haunt us from time to time. At first we couldn't help but ask how we had let those things happen to us. Eventually, we have come to accept that without the past, we probably wouldn't have each other.

If he doesn't let his past hinder our relationship, why should I let it?

If he is already looking at the future with me, why should I keep on looking back? If this would keep up, we would find ourselves not moving on, much worse, ending our relationship.

Yes, the past must be remembered but it must not be lived. If I really want to be with him, if I want to be happy being with him, I must not always bring up the past. I must make more memories with him that will put the past as a permanent shadow, not even as important as the present. If that is how I value him and our relationship my eyes should be looking at what can make us happy.

Maybe I have not realized them on my own at all. It helps that he always reassures me that no matter what happens, the fact remains that he has chose me. And in God's name, he is mine.


‎"One never learns how the witch became wicked, or whether that was the right choice for her—is it ever the right choice? Does the devil ever struggle to be good again, or if so is he not a devil? It is at the very least a question of definitions."--Oatsie, Wicked


getting ready for the semester

korean cuisine for less

Just for a change, Russ and I searched for a different cuisine yesterday night. We wanted to have a break from the usual fast food chains and inexpensive restaurants so our eyes were focused on a cheap but filling and delicious meal. What we did was venture into the different world of SM North Edsa Foodcourt.

Of course, like any usual Filipino that wasn't the first time we had gone there whether alone or together. If there was one part of the mall anybody can get his money's worth, it's that place...downside, he has the tendency to smell like foodcourt once he gets out. 

I proposed that we go around looking for different food, not the ones we could easily eat at home. As we were walking, two stores captivated my eyes and tastebuds. One was the tokpokki stall and the other was Mr. Kimbob. At that moment, my brain stopped working, my eyes stopped looking for other stores. 


Russ was amazed at how Koreans cook and eat their food after I had shared some Korean two-cents to him.

The meal was awesome but I wasn't able to finish my share of bibimbap because it was more than enough. I even had to ask for gochujang because the cook had not been able to season the dish with its real "sauce."

I actually thought we had the meal for a discounted price. Had we gone to real Korean restaurants it would have cost us a bill. 


Wicked... and Simon

Ever since Simon shared to me a song from the musical WICKED, I got hooked, I downloaded the rest of the songs from the said musical, saw some parts in Youtube and got crazy looking for the Ebook only to find out that I had downloaded the ebooks months ago and it has been in my hard drive all along.

Wicked, by the way for those who are new to Gregory Maguire's fictions, is a fanfiction (I prefer using that word) of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, focusing on the wicked witch of the west, not to mention green, Elphaba.

I have been trying to read it for two days now using my phone. I have a problem with the font though because it is tiny. Of course I can zoom it any time I want but that means using the left and right button which is bothersome. I want the text to at least fit the screen decently. This however is uncontrollable, the ebook being in pdf file and made by someone I do not know to whom I must give credit. What is controllable is the type of phone that I use...which is far from being replaced, as far as November is from December. The only thing I can do is bear reading the 612-page ebook. I am on 254 by the way, not that far from the glorious ending.

The book seems very different from the play and even from the book and I am bothered by its highly political inclination since I have always interpreted Wizard of Oz as children's literature.  However as they say, children's lit have more sense than how they look so probably there is sense in the politics and religion I am being bombarded with in the book.

I will try my best looking for the play because I am totally mesmerized by Kristin Chenoweth's and Idina Menzel's voices.

idina menzel (elphaba, green) and kristin chenoweth (galinda, fair)
Since this is all Simon's fault, I will attempt to bully him in giving me a copy. I will try. Simon is not the type that I can exactly bully because he is a dear. And I cannot blame him for bewitching me into liking this musical because, well it's likable. Hmf. But I really have to have my hands on the musical so Simon, please, I think a loooooong blog entry about this whole Wicked thing is enough a clue that I want the musical. Please.

happy birthday duo

One of the closest persons in my life celebrates her birthday today. If I were to celebrate All Souls' Day, I would do so, thinking of her, thanking God for a good soul that I have come across with.
yeah, i know, the picture is quite old. hehe

Happy birthday dearest Duo, Katherine E. Vera. May you have more fruitful years ahead of you. 


4th month part 1

Right, this is just part one since I am posting this few  minutes before I say goodbye to the internet and say hello to my Knight in Baggy Clothes. I have edited these  pictures for the occasion and I hope to have more photos tonight.

Do I sound so happy?

Well, I am definitely happy.



A story can have more than one interpretation. It can be approached, inspected let's say, in different points of view. As readers, we have the right to choose whose side we are going to take, whose philosophy we are going to believe, whose ideology we are going to follow and live up to as our own principle. We have the right to choose our favorite characters even if it means deviating from the author's will of protagonists and antagonists. Still, the Author has the final say to whatever it is going to happen in the story--except if the reader insists making his own version and come-up with good fanfictions.

My life is a story. It is a novel that keeps on unraveling until I die. My life is an open book and people judge me either through what I want them to see or what THEY want to see. The same way, I look at them like how I look at books in a library where they sit in one corner sometimes forgotten and taken for granted, in a bookstore where they were dressed to impress consumers, and in my home where they were perused and sometimes scattered about.

I buy different books, read a lot, and favored some. I forget the books that I dislike or plain uninteresting, or unimportant and reread the ones that fancy my interest, and help me develop.

I pick my protagonists among the million characters in those novels and compilation of short stories. I pick the language that I am more comfortable with. When I dislike one plot, I don't care be it Shakespeare's or Hemingway's, I chuck the novel and get something new.

It is the same process I use with people. Of course, there is a very clean line between people and books and I know that. Still, isn't it funny that we forget those people we don't like and unimportant to us the same way we forget the characters in novels, even short stories that we find boring? Isn't it funny that we choose to believe our friends no matter what they tell us the same way we believe the "Diet for Dummies"? We don't like lending our favorite books to just anybody but to somebody we trust the like how we are overprotective and even possessive of our dearest friends. 

Just like with books written by authors we admire, we choose to believe those people that matter, who are interesting.

In my library, I have a number of favorite books. One of them is named Katherine Embudo Vera.

I think I have made my point.


dress to kill: battle suit

I am not so "conscious" with what I wear. I normally use the clothes that are comfortable which means hoodies, baggy shirts, pants, and sneakers. My main accessory is merely a necklace with a ring pendant, and wristwatch. In short, I seldom dress to kill. 

These days however, I often wear frilly shirts with puffy sleeves so that I will look different, more lady-like and "more" mature than my students. Most of the time that style doesn't do me and my effort any justice. I look younger than my students.

One former co-worker commented that I am an "avatar." Before you imagine me having blue skin and big yellow eyes, let me clarify that what she meant by avatar is what people often use as a representation of themselves in the world wide web when they can't find eye-friendly pictures.

She said that I normally look good in whatever I wear which is contradictory to what my parents think of my style. Not once have I heard my father say "baduy" before I leave for school.

Last October 15th, I made an experiment. I tried to dress up. WCC faculty and staff were required to wear modern semi-formal clothes and since I was not sure what that was, I rummage my closet and looked for at least a decent one. One simple dress. I swear, that was the only thing I had in mind. Why? I don't usually wear dresses. I avoid wearing one when I can help it. My point was since nobody had seen me wear a dress before, it would be something big.

Here is a photo of a sketch I had done the day before the concert.

Here is how it actually looked like :
with Ms. Anna Marigondon, my seatmate

I was quite satisfied with my clothes that night. Russ and his mom said that I should often sport the same fashion. I did not entirely agree with them because I thought if I would use the same style again and again, it would not be so surprising anymore. 

What do you think?

being innovative and all

Ms. Agustin with some of the students
To conclude the semester, WCC Caloocan English Department came up with an online exam for Communication Skills 1 last Oct 17th. Students needed to to go to what we call "Star Cafe" which by the way serves as an in-school Starbucks where students can use computers, drink beverages and eat sweets.

The kids were not to eat there however since the online exam had a time-limit. They needed to register before taking the exams, log-in, answer all of the items, and leave the Cafe. The scores would be directed to the page of the testmaker. And voila! Stress-free results.

Aside from the problem with the internet connection, the exam went on pretty well. Of course, it was difficult since the proctors had to be in the testing area the entire day. Ms. Agustin in particular had only slept a wink the night before because she had to finish the test.

At least we can say that the success of launching and administering the test was a already a reward. After all these, we could sleep peacefully. I remember Mrs. Brenda Ong from CKSC High School English Department , who had taught me that the more difficult the exam is made, the easier it is to check. This online exam is one of the best examples.

Congratulations to WCC-Caloocan College of Education, Department of English, Mr. Xyviel Edeson A. Beredo, Ms. Abigail V. Agustin, and yep, yours truly, me. 

Job well done.

*Oh, I do love rewarding myself with praises after accomplishing a remarkable feat. Uhuh, you might wanna try doing it too, one of these days.


1st sem

I will definitely miss the classes I have handled for my 1st semester of teaching here in WCC. I want to express my appreciation to those people who have complied to my requirements, standards, and expectations. I may have had stubborn students but they are nothing compared to those who have given their best. The names of those outstanding people are already stored in my memory; the rest, I have let the trash take them. Congratulations and see you next semester.