Reading Goals and Resolution

Now that Shelfari has ceased being a boring "interactive" website and being just an online library, I am more encouraged to read. 

The website has a Reading Meter now depending on the goal that one sets. For example, my goal this year is to read 10 books (I saw the reading meter too late as in just last month). I have to update my Shelfari every now and then of what I have been reading and when I have finished any.

You might be wondering why I have only ready ten this year... I just cannot remember the other novels I have read and since I don't want to make a fool of myself enumerating the books that I have read years ago, I have only counted the ones I can remember.

My reading goal for next year will be 24 books. I hope I can accomplish it side by side my studies--I am continuing my Masters in summer. That will be hitting two birds with one stone, aye?

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