The school I am working for celebrated its 40th foundation day last week. Last Week. Week. Yep. It was a week-long celebration.

During the first two days, some teachers (I am one of them) had decided to call it a free week, and met their classes only to review, or give an announcement. Others used their time to fill in missed classes.

Just imagine a faculty room that used to be crowded and noisy only at lunch was suddenly full of teachers during class hours, updating each other with current events. A handful of teachers huddled in a corner sipping coffee or making grades. That was how "relaxed" we were. Our relaxation was short-lived however since we had to rehearse for the synergy of talents. We, meaning the admin, staff, professors and instructors of the school.


We had to compete against the other campuses of World Citi Colleges. Naturally, in any competition, there must be a unifying motif and ours was red. Since Caloocan campus had the most number of students we dominated the Marikina Sports Complex. It was a bloody stadium.
our students flooded the arena or half of it.
It was a Bloody stadium.

the shirt says it all

Miss A
the groovy admin and staff of WCC Caloocan

waiting for the concert to start
 The announcement of winners for that day officially started the events for the night. Unfortunately we didn't get the championship for Cheerdance. I was quite disappointed--no, I was really disappointed, shocked even that we didn't win. Our dancers had been in the competition early, they had even performed earlier than scheduled. They even had a smokin' hot instructor, Edsiey Manalo (pretty biased about this but Eds will remain the best dancer for me. hehe)

Simon and I could only look smug after knowing the results. Well, so much for the effort...as always, politics will play a huge role in institutions and organizations and yes I'll keep my mouth shut about that.
Join the Club, preparing for their set.

Sir Jomes, Miss A, Yael, moi, Armo
Sir Alvin told us we could go backstage and meet Spongecola. After having a photo taken with Yael, and Armo, I decided to go home.


We only rehearsed for our presentation on Friday. Also, I didn't take any photo of the rehearsals. I only remember being so early on that day, and being the lead singer of the choir. We were to perform Rent's "Season of Love" and Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up."


We still had to wear red. I didn't get the chance to take lots of pictures in the event because the battery of my camera phone had run low. Aside from that, I had to leave early. I was just fortunate that our part was presented early so I got home on time (which means I was able to keep my parents' and my boyfriend's curfew for me). All in all, it has been a good week-long celebration and I am glad I have become a part of it. Who knows when I will be able to join these activities again. Hehe.

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