let criminals run for presidency

That guilty people freely roam around, show their perfect set of teeth on t.v., or run for elections irritates me. I am infuriated that this situation affects me more than those who are in position and are technically being insulted by these criminals. 

How come that justice is very slow when big people are involved and it is a nano-second action in the case of the civilians. It takes years to get an ostentatious politician in jail but it takes only a split second for a police to shoot a suspect--for crying out loud a suspect!-- to death.

One of the biggest issues right now is putting our former president in jail. Why is she given special treatment? 

Prison is one place people are treated equally. At least, that is what I want to believe in. Even innocent people are treated as criminals once in jail. Nobody is rich, nobody is superior. Everyone is guilty. She is guilty. To those who are after the due process, she isn't yet. Just yet. But for the masses, she has long been imprisoned. That is why she should not request for commodities that can make her life in prison more comfortable. A prison, whether or not it is in Veterans', is still a prison and not a hotel. 

I see two things there. Either she is beyond the "Nobody is rich, nobody is superior. Everyone is guilty" principle of jail and she knows it very well and we know it resentfully; or she is an absolute nobody and she wants to stay behind bars forever.

I do get the point that she is sick--neck/back pain, complications of this-that, I honestly won't be surprised if she's "diagnosed" of cancer-- but how many times have we heard those alibis and how many times have our justice system denied sick "criminals." If she is clamoring that it is a part of her rights and it is highly constitutional, then let the other sick criminals have more comfortable precincts because justice is and should be served equally.

She was the former president? Oh pleeeeaaaaaaaase. And so? That puts another meaning to it! How satirical could it be that a leader had paved the way not to success but to corruption of her nation. 

If that is the case then, let all criminals run for presidency.

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