one percent

Someone: Armo, can you play Neon tonight?

Armo: (bothered) Oh. Um, it's Yael you should talk with. I only go along with his plans. So... talk to Yael.

Someone: Alright, thanks. (walking toward Yael) Hey Yael, Yael. Can you please, please, play Neon.

Yael: Ah, yeah, we can play it but I think people would ... would fall asleep, you know, because, only about one percent of them knows the song--

Someone: And that one percent would be me (laughing).

Yael: (laughing) Right right. I like the song too. It's one of the songs we didn't actually release, and that's the problem, if we play it, they will--

Someone: Right, fall asleep. (walking away) That's ok...thanks.

That someone was me. Hehe.

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