something right

There are struggles in every job: stress, traffic, fatigue. It has been common to hear people say "there is no 'easy-work'!" Even the "easiest" job there is requires effort, and that in itself is not easy.

I have had my share of tribulations in my three years of working in different companies and institutions. I have learned tons from my experiences, and I am still learning how to overcome my shortcomings. There are moments that I have wanted to give-up-not only once have I handed in my resignation letter. There are also moments of triumph and I am glad to note that they are not rare.

One of these moments is best represented by this photo:

There may be no easy job but there is a sense of accomplishment that comes after every difficult task. Also, I think that the more difficult, more stressful the job is, the higher the sense of accomplishment I receive. 

I know I must be doing something right.*

taken from Westlife's "Something Right"

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