korean cuisine for less

Just for a change, Russ and I searched for a different cuisine yesterday night. We wanted to have a break from the usual fast food chains and inexpensive restaurants so our eyes were focused on a cheap but filling and delicious meal. What we did was venture into the different world of SM North Edsa Foodcourt.

Of course, like any usual Filipino that wasn't the first time we had gone there whether alone or together. If there was one part of the mall anybody can get his money's worth, it's that place...downside, he has the tendency to smell like foodcourt once he gets out. 

I proposed that we go around looking for different food, not the ones we could easily eat at home. As we were walking, two stores captivated my eyes and tastebuds. One was the tokpokki stall and the other was Mr. Kimbob. At that moment, my brain stopped working, my eyes stopped looking for other stores. 


Russ was amazed at how Koreans cook and eat their food after I had shared some Korean two-cents to him.

The meal was awesome but I wasn't able to finish my share of bibimbap because it was more than enough. I even had to ask for gochujang because the cook had not been able to season the dish with its real "sauce."

I actually thought we had the meal for a discounted price. Had we gone to real Korean restaurants it would have cost us a bill. 

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