A person's value is measured by the ratio of how he sees himself and how others give importance to him. Sometimes, one part is bigger than the other which in both ways, if perceived extremely, is negative. If he gives too much importance in himself while his peers don't give him the "right" amount of attention he desires, he might find himself disappointed and consider his friends falling short his expectations.

If he doesn’t have much confidence in himself, his friends will try to give him the support he needs. This promise doesn't last, unfortunately because like any other person, friends get tired too, especially when the person they are trying to help cannot help himself nor showing any plan of helping himself.

Being a victim of this measurement, I have witnessed this a lot of times and I know my place in the categories I have given. I may have experienced this but I think I have mastered the knack of putting myself on the more advantageous side or looking like it. I have long accepted that people come and go--I do come and go as I please. I have seen people return in my life. I have also returned to some. I have made friends, I have had enemies. Antis, stalkers...name it. I have made a lot of people feel unimportant, I have done damages but these don’t  mean that I am invulnerable.

Friends I hold dear can hurt me more than they know, more than they should.  However, learning this rule that subtly governs any relationship, I have got used to it and mastered that I know one strategy to keep the tides on my side. What that strategy is, I won't divulge of course. One thing is "fosho" as G-dragon says it, when it comes to this, be it friend or foe, I won't be at the bottom of the food chain. There will be blood in the water.

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