Mine: past vs. present & future

In the span of our relationship, I have come to realize that putting my eyes on the past will do nothing but leave me in bitterness and anguish. Both of us have memories that haunt us from time to time. At first we couldn't help but ask how we had let those things happen to us. Eventually, we have come to accept that without the past, we probably wouldn't have each other.

If he doesn't let his past hinder our relationship, why should I let it?

If he is already looking at the future with me, why should I keep on looking back? If this would keep up, we would find ourselves not moving on, much worse, ending our relationship.

Yes, the past must be remembered but it must not be lived. If I really want to be with him, if I want to be happy being with him, I must not always bring up the past. I must make more memories with him that will put the past as a permanent shadow, not even as important as the present. If that is how I value him and our relationship my eyes should be looking at what can make us happy.

Maybe I have not realized them on my own at all. It helps that he always reassures me that no matter what happens, the fact remains that he has chose me. And in God's name, he is mine.

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