Wicked... and Simon

Ever since Simon shared to me a song from the musical WICKED, I got hooked, I downloaded the rest of the songs from the said musical, saw some parts in Youtube and got crazy looking for the Ebook only to find out that I had downloaded the ebooks months ago and it has been in my hard drive all along.

Wicked, by the way for those who are new to Gregory Maguire's fictions, is a fanfiction (I prefer using that word) of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, focusing on the wicked witch of the west, not to mention green, Elphaba.

I have been trying to read it for two days now using my phone. I have a problem with the font though because it is tiny. Of course I can zoom it any time I want but that means using the left and right button which is bothersome. I want the text to at least fit the screen decently. This however is uncontrollable, the ebook being in pdf file and made by someone I do not know to whom I must give credit. What is controllable is the type of phone that I use...which is far from being replaced, as far as November is from December. The only thing I can do is bear reading the 612-page ebook. I am on 254 by the way, not that far from the glorious ending.

The book seems very different from the play and even from the book and I am bothered by its highly political inclination since I have always interpreted Wizard of Oz as children's literature.  However as they say, children's lit have more sense than how they look so probably there is sense in the politics and religion I am being bombarded with in the book.

I will try my best looking for the play because I am totally mesmerized by Kristin Chenoweth's and Idina Menzel's voices.

idina menzel (elphaba, green) and kristin chenoweth (galinda, fair)
Since this is all Simon's fault, I will attempt to bully him in giving me a copy. I will try. Simon is not the type that I can exactly bully because he is a dear. And I cannot blame him for bewitching me into liking this musical because, well it's likable. Hmf. But I really have to have my hands on the musical so Simon, please, I think a loooooong blog entry about this whole Wicked thing is enough a clue that I want the musical. Please.

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fiyero said...

Surprise! I've read your blog.. finally! So, the next thing to do is to get my blog up and running again.. love your blog dear... it's so "gregarious"!