Thanks, Bobby P.

Last long weekend I conquered Pendragon 1 Merchant of Death. It was an accomplishment. I finished reading everything in less than 24 hours .

This definitely means I am back to my college days reading rate. Way back in the University, I could devour one book a day and back then, I did not sleep just to finish one.

Due to work loads and other engagements I wasn't able to catch up on my reading and from "one book a day" I went to one to two books a month .

Bobby Pendragon has saved me, thank heavens.

Reading plays a very important role in my life and this pace means so much to me. As an English teacher, I always have to update my "English" since I am not an American. Secondly, as a person, there are things I still don't know, there are concepts I haven't come across with and since I have decided to take up writing seriously, I have to broaden my horizon without buying a plane ticket. Not to mention I have boxes of unread books at home-- a perfect reason for me why I should have a faster reading rate.

This week I am not sure if I can still keep up but I'll do my best, I have to juggle reading with my responsibilities in school so if I cannot read a book a day, I should read one to two books a week.

I guess that is a good deal.

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