Hey, you guys. I know I have been gone for a very long while and I think by now some of you have lost interest in my blog since I am not updating so often. I owe you an apology so...


Even though it is summer I still do a lot of things in school being an Enrollment Adviser/ Module Writer/ Curriculum Developer and all. I also have the time to write.

What I don't have are two things: first is a good internet connection at home, and secondly, the drive.

I don't have any reason to bring my netbook to school (which by the way is a haven of free wifi connection) since I use a trusty desktop there to write my module with but it doesn't have an access to the internet. I also save my money for more important things than the load of my broadband. Therefore, no matter how much I write and how many blog entries I have produced, I cannot publish them whenever I want. As you may have noticed I have just recently published my blog about Hunger Games although I have written it last month.

As regards the drive, there are so many topics to write about this summer and I have participated in several activities that I want to put them in my blog. However, the heat of the season makes me feel so lazy and I end up writing about something else or not writing at all.

I will try my very best to update as often as I can. I know the only way to do that is to sacrifice my USB and connect it to different ports (goodness gracious, my usb is becoming a whore). Good thing my boyfriend is an IT. He gives an additional feeling of security.

I will be posting the blogs I have meant to post this April in their respective schedule and hopefully I will be able to write on time after,

Ja ne

By the way while you're at it, check out my new fanfiction in fanfiction.net under Prince of Tennis: 

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