On a Jetplane II

It is our 10th month.

It would not have mattered had he stayed in Manila. We don't usually celebrate monthsaries anyway. When we do, we have post or pre monthsary celebration

What made this day different is he is in Cagayan , working. It is the first time we spent our day too far from one another. I cannot go to him when I miss him. He cannot console me with a hug when I have my petty whims.

I know it should not be a big deal.

It is not a big deal because when comes back we will see Avengers with our friends.

The day has gone well. I was not in the airport to send him off but he updated me of his whereabouts through texts. He even called to assure me he would be all right.

As I am typing this entry, he is fixing computers for GMA Network-Cagayan. He is having a good time and I am having my own share of happiness.

Still, this day would have been better.

Happy 10th monthsary, Joe Kerr.

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